California School Shooting Update: Suspect Had 20 Rounds In His Pocket

california school shooting

The California shooting at Taft Union High School sent two students to the hospital. The student is reportedly in critical condition. The shooter reportedly walked onto the campus carrying a shotgun and specifically aimed at the student in critical condition. The 16-year-old alleged shooter reportedly tried to shoot a second student. The California school shooting suspect reportedly had 20 rounds in his pocket when arrested.

A teacher and a school counselor are credited with talking the shooter down and saving countless lives at the Taft Union High School, the local sheriff stated during an afternoon press conference. The shooting occurred in a science building at the California high school, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Kern County Sheriff Don Youngblood had this to say about the California school shooting:

“If it weren’t for this teacher and a quick response, we don’t know. They talked him into putting the shotgun down.”

The Taft Union High School suspected shooter has been described as a male, NBC Los Angeles notes. It is not currently known how he came into possession of the shotgun he took onto the California school grounds. A motive for the shooting is not yet known, some initial witness statements prompted questions about possible bullying at the press conference.

One student was airlifted from Taft Union High School to a hospital in Bakersfield. Another student was transported to a nearby hospital with unknown injuries, according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. The alleged gunman, also a student at the school, was taken into custody.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the frightened students and staff were evacuated to the football field to await the arrival of their worried parents. Taft Union High School security measures reportedly include surveillance cameras in common area on the campus and a full-time resource officer from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

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