Candid Pictures Of The Duggar Family Swimming Surface

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The Duggar family is not only known for their 19 children, but also for their modest Christ-centered values that require them to wear certain types of clothing. The family’s values have been questioned in the past, especially since some of the homeschool curriculum they use suggests that if sexual assault occurs, it is partly the victim’s fault for not dressing appropriately.

While the family is now safely back in Arkansas after a trip to Australia and New Zealand, they were previously photographed swimming at Lake Taupo with some friends. Photos of the Duggar family letting loose can be seen here.

As always, the Duggar family maintains their strict modest dress code, even in the heat. The girls of the family wore dresses over their leggings and looked as though they were only allowed to wade in the water and not fully submerge. Some of the other girls with the group, who did not appear to be related to the Duggars, seemed to have been allowed to put their entire bodies into the water.

The family posed for several photos together with their friends, likely unaware that paparazzi had caught them with their cameras.

Also seen in the paparazzi photos was Josiah Duggar and his sweetheart, Lauren Swanson. The pair announced their “official courtship” with pictures of themselves on a beach. While some called the photos evidence of a “romantic getaway,” it is pretty obvious that the pictures were taken while his entire family was with him.

Noticeably absent from the photos is Jana Duggar, whom many of the critics of the family call “Cinderella Duggar.” Her brothers recently joked during a Q&A session in Australia that getting together so many children required that you “have a Jana,” insinuating that she did all of the packing for them.

Jana Duggar has also been said to be tasked with not only most of the house work, but also raising the children as if they were her own. As she was not in the pictures, it is possible she had a day off from acting as the Mother Duckling.

Michelle Duggar didn’t even dip a toe in the water, as she was photographed with a jean top, black skirt, tights and closed toed shoes. She kept cool under an umbrella.