Rose McGowan Says A Prominent Man In Hollywood Molested Her At Age 15 Before Harvey Weinstein

Rose McGowan sat down with Ronan Farrow in front of a crowd on a stage at New York City’s 92Y to talk about her rape at the hands of Harvey Weinstein and an earlier assault at the age of 15 by another “very famous” Hollywood predator. McGowan told Farrow about her new life and her new normal, which includes a bit of crying every day as she promotes her new book, Brave. McGowan frankly covered a number of other topics including her new show, Citizen Rose, and her disdain for her former Charmed co-star, Alyssa Milano.

Rose McGowan Is On Tour Promoting Her Book, Brave

As a warrior for the #Metoo movement, Rose McGowan decided not to leave anything on the field as she speaks frankly to the public about the assault and sexual molestation she has suffered from Harvey Weinstein and another prominent, “very famous” Hollywood predator.

McGowan said she was fighting on her own after being held down at Amazon by other men who have since been pushed out for their own sexually inappropriate behavior. McGowan rattled off a series of tweets at that time to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to call out those who had worked through the old boys’ network to hold women down.

“1) I told the head of your studio that HW raped me. Over & over I said it. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said I was the proof.”

McGowan Says That Harvey Weinstein Was Not The First Man In Hollywood To Rape Her

In their 9o minute interview, Rose McGowan and Ronan Farrow covered a lot of territory, including her Harvey Weinstein assault (McGowan won’t call him by his name, but instead calls him “The Monster”), and her admission that Weinstein was not the first man in Hollywood to assault her, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Though Rose McGowan says she will name the man, who she calls “very famous,” who statutorily raped her when she was 15 at a later date, she says that timing isn’t right now. But that didn’t stop McGowan from telling her story of being assaulted as a teen.

“This man picked me up when I was 15 years old. He took me home after he met me and he showed me a soft porn movie he had made for Showtime, under a different name. And then he had sex with me.”

After he assaulted McGowan, the man dropped her off on a street corner. Rose McGowan explains that until everything came flooding out with the #Metoo movement, she has always just thought of it as a sexual experience, but now McGowan realizes that an adult man preying on a 15-year-old was not normal, consensual sex.

“That creep did this to a 15-year-old. It was not until two weeks after your story broke — our story, our world’s story — that I was in bed and I started saying, ‘Oh my god. I think that’s molestation.'”

Even With Her New Position, Rose McGowan Says That Harvey Weinstein Still Harasses Her

But even though Rose McGowan is now speaking out about her assault and has many people who will listen, she says she still feels under attack because Harvey Weinstein, or “The Monster” is still coming at her, says PageSix. McGowan says that Weinstein is still attacking her, even after the world knows who he is and what he’s done.

“It feels violent; it feels degrading. I don’t know what it’s like to get to face down my attacker in court, but I do know that they lie.”

Rose McGowan says that Weinstein continues to speak out against her and even plants people in the audience at her speaking engagements.

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