Waka Flocka Blasts Lil Pump For Being A Copycat, Calls Out Marlon Wayans

Waka Flocka Flame proved yet again that he's got a lot of opinions and he's not afraid to share them. During an interview on the Domenick Nati Show, Waka talked about several topics. It was when Nati asked about Lil Pump that Waka took aim at the young rapper, claiming that the 17-year-old up-and-comer is nothing but a knockoff.

When asked if Lil Pump was someone that Waka Flocka would want to work with, or even to put on his label, Waka avoided giving a straight answer. What he did say was, "What Lil Pump is rapping about, he rap about the same s**t I rap about.

"Literally, same s**t. Same wave over my same style beat. He's like a white Waka Flocka. Well, not white but an albino Waka Flocka."
Those who tune in regularly to the Domenick Nati Show know that he often asks celebrities about their worst celebrity encounter and Waka Flocka was no exception. When asked to talk about his worst encounter, Waka said that it was with Marlon Wayans. Apparently, Waka has looked up to Wayans since he was a child and admitted that when he did see his idol "In Living Color," that the comedian gave him the cold shoulder.
Waka Flocka explained that he ran into the Wayans Brothers star in a club. Waka said he saw Wayans and tried to greet him, saying, "Hey Marlon, what's up?"

That's when Waka said that Marlon Wayans looked at him crazy like he didn't even know who he was. Maybe he really didn't know, but that would be hard to imagine considering how long Waka Flocka has been a part of the hip-hop scene in Atlanta and on-screen on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Waka, who released new music with Flockavelli 2 back in October, 2017, also gave a quick update on his wife, Tammy Rivera. He assured Nati that despite a lot of bumps over the last few years, he and Tammy are doing very well together right now. He said they even bought a new four-story house, complete with indoor basketball court, a movie theater, and a pool. Plus, they won't even have to take the stairs because the massive Atlanta home also comes with a working elevator.

It sounds like life is really good right now for Waka Flocka Flame, his family, and his music career (which sounds like it won't include future collaborations with Lil Pump.) Now if only Marlon Wayans could just give Waka a shout out, that might help to repair his worst celebrity encounter.

To hear Waka Flocka's entire interview on the Domenick Nati Show, check out the link below.