Liam Payne Brags About Flying On Private Plane, Deletes Photo Before Almost Kissing Rita Ora During Duet

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Liam Payne is facing a lot of backlash over an Instagram photo that he shared and then soon after deleted.

According to the Daily Mail, the 24-year-old posted a photo of himself flicking off the camera as he sits on what appears to be a bed. The singer is wearing a denim jacket and red sweatpants as he opts for a casual look. But the caption of the post has gained as much attention as the crude gesture.

“You can only get jet lag from a jet the rest of yall got plane lag,” the singer wrote along with an expletive at the end.

The since deleted post gained over 166,000 comments before Payne took it down. But that didn’t stop countless followers from snapping a photo of the distasteful picture and letting Payne know that they didn’t appreciate it.

“I literally can’t get over that Liam Payne private jet thing he was least relevant member of One Direction lmfao who does he think he is?”

“Goading the people that spent their money to allow him to ride in a jet! Someone please help Liam Payne out,” another Twitter user asked.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to post photos of themselves in front of private jets on Instagram for fans and Payne has done it a few times in the past. But fans of Payne had a problem with this particular post because it basically said “I’m better than you.”

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Payne has yet to comment on the photo backlash but many media outlets have reached out to his publicist for a statement.

Liam was of course taking the private plane to New York City, where he performed his hit song “For You” with Rita Ora on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and then again on The Today Show this morning.

While to song appears in the upcoming Fifty Shades Freed movie, Payne and Ora seemed to take notes from the film with an intimate performance for Jimmy Fallon. In the clip that can be seen on YouTube, the pair come incredibly close to each other and appear as if they’re going to kiss at the end.

Liam also posted a photo from the performance on his Instagram page, and fans went absolutely crazy after witnessing the near kiss.

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“Is it just me or is it hot in here,” one fan asked.

In all, the photo gained over 294,000 likes as well as 1,600 comments. Many rumors of a potential hookup also started to swirl. Of course, Payne is famously dating Cheryl Cole, who happens to be 10 years his senior. According to the Daily Mail, Ora recently began dating rocker Andrew Watt.

You can hear Payne and Ora’s newest single in Fifty Shades Freed when it hits theaters on February 9.