Kevin Spacey’s Replacement On ‘House Of Cards’ Season 6 Revealed By Netflix

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Fans of the wildly popular Netflix political drama House Of Cards will be relieved to hear that the show is back in production after the fallout from the sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey. Netflix stopped production of House Of Cards after a string of allegations of sexual misconduct were made against Spacey in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. As reported by Variety, Spacey was dropped from the show and both Netflix and studio Media Rights Capital announced that they were cutting all ties with Spacey.

House Of Cards, in which Spacey played central character President Frank Underwood, proved to be one of the most successful Netflix original shows. House Of Cards earned multiple awards, including 53 Emmy nominations, and Spacey won several awards for his role as Underwood. When Netflix dropped Spacey many fans feared that they would never get to see how the story ends, but Netflix has announced that Spacey has been replaced and production is once more underway.

As reported by the Independent, Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear have been added to the all-star lineup and will replace Spacey in the sixth and final season of the show. Kinnear and Lane both have Academy Award nominations under their respective belts. To date, Netflix has not revealed what roles Kinnear and Lane will play in House Of Cards, other than the fact that the two actors will be portrayed as brother and sister.

Kevin Spacey replacement House of cards season 6
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When Will ‘House Of Cards’ Season 6 Start?

As reported by the New York Times, Netflix has not made any announcement as to when Season 6 of House Of Cards will come to our screens. The first three seasons of House Of Cards were all released in February but a few weeks later each year, Season 5 didn’t air until the end of May 2017. With the production of Season 6 having only just resumed it is unlikely that we will see Season 6 of House Of Cards before next winter.

What we do know is that Season 6 will run for just eight episodes instead of the usual 13 and that the season will center on Frank Underwood’s wife, Claire, who is played by Robin Wright.

With Kevin Spacey’s character playing such a central role in House Of Cards, fans will be intrigued as to how Netflix will build his absence into the storyline of the show.