‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 127 Digs Deep Into Universe 7’s Ultimate Sacrifice

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Previously, Dragon Ball Super teased the unfortunate situation of Android 17 and Freiza in the hands of Toppo. The two Universe 7 warriors are in dire straits after the Pride Trooper leader unveiled his pure and potent form, pushing the two warriors back, inching closer to their possible elimination. This week’s spoiler for Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 revealed Android 17’s heroic actions to save Goku and the rest of Universe 7 warriors.

Android 17, severely injured after their encounter with Toppo, uses a “life-risking” strategy to protect Goku and company from Jiren’s powerful blow, says the preview. The translated version of the preview tags the encounter as Android 17’s “do or die” action.

The recent theories surrounding DBS Episode 127 states that Android 17 casts a barrier, formerly seen during the Z-Fighters encounter with Anariza. Thus, connecting the dots from the episode’s title “A Looming Obstacle! Pinning Hope on a Final Barrier,” Android 17 casts his barrier to shield Goku and company against Jiren’s overwhelming power.

On the other hand, this week’s spoilers left one crucial character out of the scene, Toppo. To recall, Vegeta faces off Toppo in DBS Episode 126. The preview teased everyone about Toppo’s new form and his debut with the power of destruction. But, this week’s spoiler left Toppo’s character unannounced, which led fans to speculate the possible elimination of the God of Destruction candidate.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Latest Preview
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“Toppo may be out. Seeing as after this week’s episode there are only 5 episodes left, as well as the title of episode 126, my money is on Toppo being eliminated. It’s time for them to start focusing episodes on Jiren,” says @Fallout_117

Speculatively speaking, there is a slight chance that Vegeta could have eliminated Toppo in DBS Episode 126. To support this claim, it was teased before that Vegeta attacked the Pride Trooper with a life-risking blow. The assault could have resulted in either a win or loss to the Saiyan Prince. But, Blasting News speculates that Vegeta might be eliminated in Episode 126, termed as the “ultimate sacrifice.” The report further suggests that Goku and Android 17 will be the remaining Universe 7 warriors to face Jiren in the Tournament of Power.

Meanwhile, fans over on Reddit are pretty much convinced that Toppo will be eliminated in DBS Episode 126. Reddit user Caryslan predicts Vegeta, with his new power, overwhelmed Toppo in their encounter. The scene surprised the entire Universe 11, which came to the attention of Jiren and pushed the warrior to help out his comrade.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 teaser
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“With time running out on the Tournament of Power and Universe 7 having more fighters, Jiren decides to back up the injured Toppo. He knocks Goku out of the fight for a brief period of time,” says Caryslan over r/dbz thread.

The prediction concludes with Vegeta breaking his limits and unleash a life-risking blow, knocking Toppo out of the tournament. “Toppo, however, takes the blow intended for Jiren and gets knocked off the stage,” the source added.

However, these are predictions, and they do not have any confirmation from Dragon Ball Super. The synopsis the show does not reveal the full story. Therefore, fans should take every bit of information with a grain of salt.

We will leave it to you to decide. What do you think about the predictions?