‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 126 Tease Vegeta’s Full Power, 17 And Frieza’s Clever Scheme Against Toppo

Dragon Ball Super is reaching its conclusion before going on a hiatus in March 2018. But before closing all the curtains, the remaining episodes for Super are an absolute treat as the characters take all extremes for their universe survival in the Tournament of Power. Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 focuses on Vegeta, Android 17, and Frieza’s battle against the God of Destruction candidate, Toppo.

In DBS Episode 126, Vegeta attacks Toppo in his new and powerful form. According to the latest spoilers released and translated by Herms98, Toppo unleashed his true form after getting cornered. The Pride Trooper leader backed up his comrade Jiren and attacked Vegeta with his full might. However, the Saiyan took on the challenge and responded with a life-risking blow.

The Universe 7 warrior, with his new found strength, threw a “nonstop full-power attack,” says the preview. With Vegeta’s new form, which is dubbed as a strength higher than Super Saiyan Blue, and Toppo’s true powers unleashed, it is tough to predict who will be the victor in this encounter.

Though Vegeta will not be facing Toppo alone in Episode 126, Frieza and Android 17 joined the spotlight, throwing what seems to be a coordinated attack using resources such as rocks and psychic abilities.

The Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 spoilers suggest that Android 17 attacked Toppo using a rock, assuming that both warriors are brewing something of a plan against Toppo. Speculatively speaking, 17 might have used the stones present on the arena to catch Toppo’s attention while Frieza uses his psychic abilities to knock out the Universe 11 warrior.

Will Vegeta’s new found strength be the answer to defeat Toppo in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 126?

Apparently, the clever plan by 17 and Frieza resulted in a devastating failure, as the preview further suggests that both characters are in “dire straits.” It appears Toppo is not just a big bod with god-like strength; the warrior has brains and decisive stealth as he countered 17 and Frieza’s attack into nothingness.

The concern of the viewers heads toward 17 and Frieza, as the two warriors face a terrible situation. “Both are downed by Toppo’s counterattack,” says the spoilers. Did Android 17 or Frieza survive Toppo’s attacks? Are we about to witness the next elimination after Gohan for Universe 7?

As of now, the answers are unclear. Several theories suggest different angles of the story. It is believed that Android 17 (so as Frieza) survived the assault, which correlates to the title of DBS Episode 127. The preview for the February 11 episode uses the English word “barrier” similar to a technique used by 17 when they faced Anariza.

However, some fan theories suggest a different connotation of the word used in the provisional title. Comicbook reports that the word “barrier or baria” used in Episode 127 is a general thought, and it could mean an obstacle or a line of defense. Nonetheless, Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 will deliberately answer all these arising theories once the show airs on February 4, 2018.

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