Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Slammed For Giving Baby A Choking Hazard After Losing Spot On ‘Counting On’

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have gained a lot of notoriety ever since they returned from Central America. Not only have they been criticized for asking monetary donations from fans and tweeting transphobic messages about Jazz Jennings, the star of the TLC show I Am Jazz. As a result, the Dillards were booted from the Duggar family reality TV show Counting On.

Since getting kicked off the show, according to People Magzine, Jill and Derick have made significant changes to their lifestyle and have documented them on Instagram. For one, Jill started wearing pants, an item of clothing that her mother did not let her wear as she was growing up, and high heels. She also got a nose piercing and a henna tattoo, a cultural adornment that is done in Hinduism. These developments have continued to shock Counting On fans as they see one of the most conservative Duggar couples embrace the world.

However, the latest photo on Derick Dillard’s Instagram showed that they still have room for improvement in parenting their sons. He posted a picture of baby Samuel, who is not yet 1-year-old, chewing on an empty plastic bottle. Because he is teething, it looked like he was getting some relief by gnawing away on its opening.


Many fans were alarmed by Derick’s nonchalance in giving his baby this to chew on.

“Remove the cap and the plastic ring around,” a fan commented. “He can choke!”

“Remember to remove the cap and wrapper as those are choking hazards,” another cautioned. “You’d be surprised how easy it is for a baby to chew that off and it gets stuck in his throat!”

Others noted that while there are many safe teething toys for babies to play with, that Jill and Derick chose to let him play with such a dangerous item.

“Your wife wears expensive shoes. You go out to steak dinner,” a fan commented. “The baby gets a dangerous plastic bottle to play with.”

“Is that the only kind of toy or bottle you can afford to give him?” another fan taunted. “When you don’t work I guess so!”

This is not the only time that the fans were worried about the health of baby Samuel. When he arrived into the world last July, the Duggar family was quiet about the fact that there were complications in his birth. This came to light again in one of the photos that Derick posted to celebrate his mother’s birthday.


Thankfully, Samuel Dillard is growing up to be a healthy boy. He just celebrated his six-month birthday.