Impact Wrestling Reacts To Exodus Of Talent To WWE


During the Royal Rumble weekend, the WWE took the time to showcase a huge number of signings to the company. These names included former UFC champion Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble, as well as former Lucha Underground champion Trevor “Ricochet” Mann, former Impact Wrestling champion EC3 and former Ring of Honor tag team champions War Machine, all at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia. On Tuesday night, the former Rockstar Spud made his 205 Live debut and the WWE also announced they had signed longtime Impact Wrestling talent Jeremy Borash to work for NXT. In an interview with Newsweek, Impact Wrestling had some comments about the stars they lost to the WWE.

Scott D’Amore of Impact Wrestling Talks EC3 Departure

Scott D’Amore is one of the two men who have moved into a lead role in creating the current Impact Wrestling product, along with Don Callis. When asked about the arrival of EC3 at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, D’Amore said that he was very happy for him.

D’Amore, who at one time managed the Impact Wrestling faction Team Canada, which included current WWE stars Bobby Roode and Eric Young, said that his phone blew up with text messages when EC3 showed up on TV. He said that he quickly texted EC3 and congratulated him.

When it comes to the departure of EC3 from Impact Wrestling, D’Amore said it was a mutual decision. He said that they have nothing but love and support for him and EC3 did everything they asked to wrap up his storylines in Impact Wrestling before leaving for the WWE.

D’Amore and Ed Nordholm Talk Jeremy Borash

The biggest surprise of the week was when the WWE signed Jeremy Borash to join their company, specifically announcing he will work with WWE NXT. Borash had been with Impact Wrestling since the beginning and had been instrumental in developing the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick and producing those specialty matches.

Jeremy Borash was also supposed to be part of the announce team for Impact Wrestling, and now the company will have to figure out how to move on without him. However, there seemed to be no hard feelings, although both Ed Nordholm and Scott D’Amore had interesting comments about Borash.

Nordholm said that Impact Wrestling wishes him the best in his new job with the WWE. He called Borash talented but then said that Impact Wrestling has a lot of talented guys and one of them can step up now. D’Amore echoed that sentiment but had an interesting line at the end of his statement.

“We have editors on our team who don’t get the notoriety that Jeremy does. We have great players ready to step up.”

Nordholm and Don Callis Talk Bobby Lashley

One man who has not made his WWE debut yet is Bobby Lashley. There is no word on whether or not a contract with Lashley and the WWE is coming but most rumors indicate that he will be back, possibly as early as February.

When asked about Lashley, Ed Nordholm said that he is free from Impact Wrestling and can choose his next career goals. He said that he can go fight in MMA more or he could even move on back into wrestling. Nordholm said that Impact Wrestling would be foolish to say they don’t want him back but that Lashley has his own ambitions right now.

Don Callis added that these changes were good. He pointed out that losing guys like EC3 and Bobby Lashley also opens the door for guys like Brian Cage, Austin Aries, and the former John Morrison to arrive.

Impact Wrestling’s Attitude on Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud made his debut as the new general manager of 205 Live. He is using the name of Drake Maverick and caused quite a stir immediately by setting up the tournament to crown the new 205 Live cruiserweight champion and by acting like an impartial and fair GM, something that is lacking on SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw.

Impact Wrestling did not mention the arrival of Rockstar Spud on WWE television in their statements, but there might be bad feelings remaining from how he left the company to begin with.

Wrestling Inc reported that Impact Wrestling worked hard to help Rockstar Spud clear up his issues with his visa, and as soon as they spent a lot of money to help clear it up, he asked for his release and immediately signed with the WWE.