Wrestling Legend Comments On CM Punk Quitting WWE


There is no question that CM Punk is one of the most controversial names that ever wrestled in the WWE. Starting off by working his way up ECW, Punk moved from that brand and earned his stripes in front of a bigger audience.

Throughout his time in WWE, CM Punk captured the ECW Championship, the WWE Championship on two separate occasions, the World Heavyweight Championship three times, as well as become a World Tag Team Champion with Kofi Kingston. In addition, CM Punk is the only person in WWE history to win the Money in the Bank twice, with victories in 2008 and 2009. Edge was also a two-time Money in the Bank contract holder, but one of those times, he defeated Mr. Kennedy for it.

CM Punk’s biggest accomplishments during his tenure included becoming WWE Champion and having the longest title reign in the past 25 years at 434 days, before losing it to the Rock at Royal Rumble. Punk also had a featured in a match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. Despite these enviable achievements, CM Punk was still unhappy with his spot in the WWE and decided to walk away from the company in January of 2014. He has not returned since.

Featured image credit: WWE

Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette was a guest on Jim Ross’ The Ross Report to share his thoughts on CM Punk. Cornette spoke highly of the infamous “pipebomb” promo, feeling as if it was genuine, which translated to the audience watching. He also felt that it was obvious that Vince McMahon was behind the character of CM Punk when he started using “Cult of Personality” as his theme song because Vince “does not like to pay for music rights.”

Cornette is not certain why there were issues between CM Punk and WWE, and he understands why people can get burned out because he has experienced similar issues. He is also proud of CM Punk for being able to keep his money and leave WWE without having to come back. Cornette does not know if CM Punk has wrestled his last match, but Jim Ross is certain that he has not. Cornette also stated that CM Punk might return to wrestling at a local independent show in Chicago if he feels like competing again.