Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Bitter’ Facial Grimaces ‘Stole The Show’ Pushing Melania Trump Focus To Back Burner In Reports

Was Nancy Pelosi 'sitting on a nail' at the State of the Union Address?

Nancy Pelosi Scowl
J. Scott Applewhite / AP Images

Was Nancy Pelosi 'sitting on a nail' at the State of the Union Address?

Nancy Pelosi’s facial expression made her a breakout star of the show last night, as she didn’t do a good job of hiding her apparent disdain for Trump’s words during his State of the Union Address. The State of the Union speech was Trump’s moment in time to triumph, but going into the event, many eyes were on Melania Trump after the last few weeks of accusations in the headlines of a long-ago alleged affair between Donald Trump and an adult film star. It took no time at all for the focus to slide over to Nancy Pelosi who, according to Romper, “stole the show.”

That was soon remedied as Melania Trump’s gracious appearance took a back seat to Pelosi’s facial grimaces. The Washington Times deemed Pelosi the award winner for the “Most Dour Face” at the event, as her grim facial expressions caught the eye of the nation. If by chance you haven’t seen Nancy’s demonstration of disdain from last night, the video above has captured it for you.

Questions about Melania Trump showing up for the State of the Union Address emerged after she bowed out of the Switzerland trip with her husband and headed solo for a mystery 28-hour trip to Florida. Suggestions were plentiful that Melania canceled her trip with the president as a reaction to those Trump rumors in the news.

With that said, people were anxious to see what Melania planned to do about attending the State of the Union Address, with some betting she’d be a “no-show,” as reported in a previous Inquisitr article. Even after Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Melania’s intentions of attending the event, the scuttlebutt continued online with some even offering shout-outs to Melania urging her not to show up.

Trump’s State of the Union Address had some powerful messages to the American people and it also contained some messages for those in Congress who are still seen as dragging their feet on the two parties working together. While his speech is being hailed as a success by his supporters and pulled apart by his critics today, Melania Trump reports are seemingly stellar coming out of the event. She is described as receiving a “standing ovation” and “smiling” as she greeted the crowd in her white pantsuit, as reported in Vanity Fair.

On Monday, backlash emerged for Melania after Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that Melania would be at the State of the Union Address. Today, those words of backlash have seemed to vanish from the headlines and the woman most concentrated on in the room at this event appears to be Nancy Pelosi, according to reports

As the Washington Times suggests, ” Pelosi takes the cake. Bluntly put, the woman looked pissed.”

Bill O’Reilly asked if Nancy Pelosi was “sitting on a nail” after getting a gander at her grimacing through Trump’s speech.

Bustle is reporting today that Nancy Pelosi was the person to give off “some of the most noticed reactions” at the State of the Union Address. Some of the people on social media saw something in Pelosi’s face that brought back memories for them like the person who posted the tweet below.

The vision of Nancy Pelosi lasted longer than the event. After the State of the Union Address, Pelosi tweeted a critique of Trump’s speech, which was met with criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike.

The responses were immediate, and some were rather reprimanding, as seen below.