Melania Trump Gets Backlash Galore After Her State Of Union Address Plans Announced

Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood at the podium during the White House press conference on Monday and announced the names of the members of the public who Trump is hosting as his special guests for Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address. After listing the names of these special guests, one reporter in the crowd asked Huckabee Sanders if members of the Trump family will attend.

The White House Press Secretary did confirm that the President’s adult children and Melania Trump will be there. She also said that the only one of Trump’s offspring not expected to attend is Barron Trump, which she conveyed to the crowd. The Daily Mail, reported: “First lady Melania Trump WILL attend her husband’s State of the Union address – after she ditched trip to Davos in wake of Stormy Daniels’ description of sex with her husband emerged.”

Much of the reporting on Melania’s intentions of attending the State of the Union Address has also mentioned how she bowed out of that trip with her husband last week, which conjured up all types of suggestions. People suggested that Melania’s “no-show” for that trip had to do with the recent reports of a long-ago alleged affair that linked her husband and a porn star together. Melania’s spokesperson was quick to slam these reports as “fake news” last week.

The social media sites and comments online are filled with the thoughts of why Melania has opted to attend this event after ditching the Switzerland trip, which sparked a rash of comments about her attendance being pushed upon her. Many are suggesting online that Melania shouldn’t go, as those alleged affair reports are still believed by some. It seems that Melania Trump has a number of people online who are self-assigned to watch her back. Some of the folks who follow Melania online somehow feel the need to protect her, as evident in the tweets below.

Some folks were really cruel and suggested that Melania invite that porn star to join her in the box set aside for special guests. People had a lot of suggestions for Melania Trump and she got backlash galore for even considering going to this event on Tuesday, which is seen under the Twitter search of “Melania Trump State Of The Union Address.”

Following the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel has Stormy Daniels on his show, who is the porn star that was allegedly linked to Trump in those affair rumors. The L.A. Times reported, “Stormy Daniels to join Jimmy Kimmel in post-State of the Union chat.”

This has conjured up even more suggestions as to why the First Lady doesn’t have to put up a unified front with the President at this State of the Union Address. Even after Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the official announcement that Melania would be attending the State of the Union Adress Tuesday night, a debate was festering online inside the world of Twitter. Bustle reported that people are wondering if the First Lady will attend, which is seen in the tweet below that was posted hours after Huckabee Sander’s announcement.

Will she or will she not attend Tuesday night’s big event for her husband as this is his first State of the Union Address? These were the questions swirling around online despite the White House Secretary setting things straight. Yes, Melania will be at the event and she is ready to host the slew of guests who will join her in her box set aside for the FLOTUS at the State of the Union Address of the President, writes the Daily Mail. Below are some of the sample tweets about the possibility of Melania Trump being a “no-show” at Trump’s huge milestone event, these tweets came before it was confirmed that Melania would be there.

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