Yoda Statue Featured At California Park

George Lucas

San Anselmo, CA – A park being constructed on land donated by filmmaker George Lucas will feature both a Yoda and an Indiana Jones statue.

The San Anselmo Planning Commission recently voted to approve the park’s creation. Officials stated that they hope to have construction finished by early June. According to The Associated Press, Lucas will pay for the demolition of a commercial building that currently resides on the property.

Once the park has been completed, it will feature a Yoda statue similar to the one found at the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco. The fountain will be joined by a statue featuring Harrison Ford as iconic explorer Indiana Jones.

The Marin Independent Journal explains that The San Anselmo Community Foundation will take care of the costs associated with maintaining the park and its famous statutes. However, officials stated they currently didn’t know much that would be.

San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce President Connie Rodgers said that she wanted to “establish a fund of at least $150,000 for ongoing maintenance.” However, foundation legal counsel Natalie Delagnes Talbott said cost estimates were presently unavailable.

The San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch describes the park as follows:

“The statues will be placed at the top of a basin in a fountain in the park. The top of the Indiana Jones statue will be more than 10 feet off the ground. The park will include a curved concrete walkway, a lawn area, several shade trees, at least six benches, bike racks, energy efficient lights with timers, a ‘pet waste station’ with a bag dispenser and can, and at least one drinking fountain, according to plans submitted to the town.”

The website mentioned that George Lucas was one of the finalists for the San Anselmo–Fairfax Patch 2012 Person of the Year award. The filmmaker has reportedly contributed quite a bit of money to the community over the past few years.

Those who wish to admire the Yoda statue in all its glory can do so when the park is completed later this year.