Trump Speaks As Camera Pans Nancy Pelosi's 'Stony-Face,' Viral Facial Grimace Emerges From State Of The Union

Roz Zurko

Nancy Pelosi emerged as the leader of the pack when it came to momentary side shows jumping out of Trump's State of the Union Address via the panning network cameras. There were plenty of camera shots of people close to the President as well as shots of those who have been outspoken against him. There was one person in particular that many folks honed in on because she sat fixated with a look of displeasure and she also appeared to have a hard time getting her hands to clap in unison with the crowd.

According to Uproxx, Nancy Pelosi sat "stony-faced" and "everyone noticed." It seems that her "scowl" was her facial expression for the evening, which is how the live coverage by Fox News described Pelosi's look for the night. Before Pelosi even attended Trump's speech she reportedly directed the Democrats to behave while Trump stood at the podium. She also told the staff that she wanted to let the focus be on Trump's "slobbering self," reports Politico.

Whether Pelosi intended to or not, she got a lot of attention for that scowl that was described as having the look of someone "sitting on a nail," which is how Bill O'Reilly saw her via his tweet. Newt Gingrich had the idea of making a short documentary-like venue of all the clips showing Pelosi's grimaces of the evening and use it for proof why she shouldn't be speaker again. Then there was Ann Coulter who sent a shout-out tweet to the cameraman asking that they supply the audience with "more shots of Nancy Pelosi." She even added a "please" to her request.