Bruce McArthur Flower Pots: Victims Speak Out After Human Remains Found On Property

Bruce McArthur was arrested on suspicion that he may be involved in the disappearance of two Toronto-based men. However, after his arrest, police learned that he may be linked to several disappearances. Within a few days, police combed through his various properties in and around Toronto and it didn’t take long before they found human remains. Those remains are currently been tested for DNA to see if they match any of the men currently linked to McArthur. However, Toronto Police have now said that McArthur may have used his clients’ properties and flower pots to hide human remains. When Karen Fraser and her husband heard the news, they were shocked. They had hired Bruce McArthur to do their gardening for years. Their home has since become a source of media attention, as police are searching their yard for possible bones. Karen spoke about the entire situation on As It Happens, according to CBC News.

“It’s very interesting and bizarre to watch your own home on television and seeing neighbors that you’ve never met being interviewed and talking about you and your home,” Fraser revealed, adding, “I found it horrifying and captivating.”

Fraser explained that both she and her husband were in shock and didn’t know what to do initially. During the interview, Fraser also explained that he was a kind worker who never acted like a potential serial killer.

“It really took the two of us to form a sentence and to try and make a plan,” she said. “I simply couldn’t think. I was so horrified. Every aspect was more horrifying and I just — it was really hard to take.”

According to a CBC report, Bruce McArthur had hidden human remains in their flower planters, and they were found during a search. Karen Fraser and her husband have not been in the house for over a week. Bruce McArthur, who is now known as a serial killer in Toronto, is a self-employed landscaper. The 66-year-old man has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder, but police have said they expect more charges to surface. They don’t believe that his known victims are the only ones. Currently, he’s being charged with the deaths of Selim Esen, Andrew Kinsman, Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Mahmudi, and Dean Lisowick.

Karen Frasher explains that she had no reason to suspect that Bruce McArthur was involved in all of these killings, as he always went above and beyond his work. She points out that he would donate floral arrangements for charity, something that went above their agreement to cut their lawn. McArthur is currently charged with the murder of five men, but more charges are expected to surface.