David And Louise Turpin’s Son Never Sought Help For Tortured Siblings While At College

David and Louise Turpin have been the faces of the shocking scandal for weeks. The two have been accused of keeping their 13 children locked up in their family home, abusing and torturing them for an extended period of time. The only child who didn’t suffer any abuse was their 2-year-old toddler. However, people have been raising questions about the children, as they learned that the oldest son was able to attend college a few years ago. The unnamed young man attended Mt. San Jacinto College, as the Menifee campus was close to their home. Not once did he mention the abuse or ask someone for help.

According to a new CBS News report, David and Louise Turpin’s son remains both nameless and faceless at this point, possibly to protect his identity. He wasn’t going to college at the time the Turpins were arrested. He was on the president’s honor roll in the fall semester of 2015 and in the spring 2016 semester. It’s possible his parent removed him from the college because of concerns that he may say something in class. No reasoning for his exit has been provided at this point of the investigation. He earned A’s in most of his classes, including algebra, guitar, public speaking, and more.

However, his fellow students did notice he kept to himself and that he was often quiet and alone. His mother, Louise Turpin, would wait outside of class for him. He was usually one of the last people to leave class, a fellow student, Marci Duncker, told CBS News. Marci also explains that his face was one of the saddest faces she’d seen in years. However, it doesn’t sound like she ever asked him if he was alright.

There could be many psychological reasons as to why David and Louise Turpin’s son never broke his silence while at college. Investigators believe that some of the children could have been born into this kind of abuse and don’t know any different. The older kids may have been too scared to say anything or ask for help. At this time, both David and Louise Turpin are in custody and the children remain out of the public eye.