‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Bo & Hope’s Other Son Could Return To Salem

Days of our Lives spoilers and rumors always seem to be running wild online. Most recently, a new report mentioned the possibility of Bo and Hope Brady’s other son returning to Salem to shake things up, and fans seemingly loved the idea.

According to Soap Hub, since Theo Carver’s exit from the show, Salem could use some young blood. There are only three young adult characters in Salem, Tripp Dalton, Claire Brady, and Ciara Brady. Theo’s departure hurt their storylines, and many believe that at least one more younger character should enter the mix. The site decided to make a few suggestions, and one of them was that DOOL should consider bringing back the character of JT.

Many longtime Days of our Lives fans may remember that JT Brady‘s storyline was a crazy one. Hope found out that she was pregnant after a recent episode in which Stefano had brainwashed her into believing she was Princess Gina again, and because Stefano believed Hope’s baby could be his child he decided to which the baby with that of his partner in crime Dr. Rolf’s niece, Marlo. The babies were switched, and Bo and Hope took home Marlo’s child. They named the baby boy John Thomas Brady, or JT for short. Marlo died and Abe and Lexi adopted the child they believed to be hers, but was really Bo and Hope’s baby. They named the baby Isaac.

JT Brady was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and Hope blamed herself for whatever she had done while she was in Princess Gina mode. However, it was soon revealed that Bo wasn’t the child’s father, leaving only John Black to be the dad as he and Hope believed they had been intimate during the time they were brainwashed. Days of our Lives fans watched as Bo was heartbroken by the reveal that John was the baby’s father, and he even nearly left Hope because of it. However, the two got back on track just as shocking turn of events happened. Marlo’s ex, Glen, came to Salem and claimed to be the father of her baby. Glen wanted custody of the child, and after seeing both Isaac and JT, felt a much stronger bond to the Brady baby. It was later revealed that the babies had been switched and that JT belonged to Margo and Glen, meaning Abe and Lexi’s adopted son, Isaac really belonged to Bo and Hope.

A custody battle ensued and eventually Days of our Lives viewers watched as the judge gave custody of JT to Glen. Glen left Salem and took JT with him while Bo and Hope were devastated. Later, the couple regained custody of their biological son, Isaac, and began calling him Zack. Years later, Zack was tragically killed when his sister, Chelsea Brady, ran him over with her car.

Now that JT would be a young adult, many Days of our Lives fans think it would be a great idea to bring him back to Salem to interact with Ciara, Claire, and Tripp. JT could be the male friend that Tripp needs, as well as a love interest for either Claire or Ciara. His arrival would make for some good scenes with Hope as well.

Days of our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC.