‘Fuller House’ Renewed For Season 4 At Netflix: What To Expect

Fuller House is officially returning for Season 4. Netflix announced this week that the fan-favorite show will return for another season after viewers were beginning to get worried that the show would be canceled after the big Season 3 reveals.

According to a January 29 report by Pop Culture, Fuller House will return for Season 4 on Netflix, and fans are eager to see what the Tanner/Fuller/Gibbler family will be up to next. As many fans will remember, Season 3 changed the lives of the characters greatly. DJ got engaged to her boyfriend, Matt, only to call off the engagement because of her feelings for her high school sweetheart, Steve.

Steve even ran out of his own wedding because of his love for DJ. The two ended up waiting about a month before pursuing a dating relationship due to the end of their previous serious relationships. However, just as things began to heat up for Steve and DJ, Steve got the job opportunity of a lifetime working for the LA Lakers. DJ told him to take the job and promised to wait for him to return so that they could pick up their relationship where they left off.

Meanwhile, Fuller House also announced a new family member. After Stephanie found out that there was a possibility of her having a baby via surrogate, she and her boyfriend, Jimmy Gibbler, got to work. They had their embryos frozen and set out to find a surrogate. Luckily for them, the perfect person to carry their child is someone they both know and love, Jimmy’s sister, Kimmy Gibbler. During the Season 3 finale, Kimmy announced to Stephanie and the rest of the family that she was pregnant with the couple’s baby. Season 4 is sure to explore the pregnancy further, as well as the bond that Stephanie and Kimmy have been developing over the past three seasons.


Of course, Fuller House Season 4 will also dive into more of the teenage issues and drama that Jackson and Ramona are experiencing now that they are in high school. The show has already tackled a few of the issue such as dating and heartbreak and will likely to add humor to the mix as well. The show’s littlest characters, Max and Tommy, will also be there to add comic relief and sentimental moments.

However, Fuller House wouldn’t be complete without the characters of Danny, Jesse, Joey, and Becky, all of whom announced that they would be moving back to San Francisco in the Season 3 finale. Jesse and Becky are moving home after Becky landed a new job, Joey revealed that he and his children would be coming back to the bay area while his wife was gone for an extended work trip, and Danny didn’t want to live in LA alone. Danny, who recently reconnected with his former fiance, Vicky, on the show, also revealed that he would be moving back into his house with DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy, who didn’t seem thrilled about the news.

There is currently no release date for Fuller House Season 4, but fans can likely expect the show to begin streaming on Netflix later this year.