'Little People, Big World': Tori Roloff Slams 'Backwards' Comment That Husbands Should Be Taller Than Wives

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff took to social media recently to address what she called a "backwards" view of "beauty" and "love." Tori Roloff slammed a comment about height that she apparently overheard from a conversation in a public place. The 26-year-old reality TV star, wife, and first-time mom shared that the comment suggested that husbands should be taller than their wives.

Taking to her personal Instagram account over this past weekend, Tori Roloff summarized a conversation between a husband and wife that she happened to hear while shopping in Target. Tori revealed to her followers that she had been "wandering" Target when she heard a husband say to his wife that, "at least," he was taller than her. The man's wife reportedly replied back that she would "hope so."

Tori, who married into the Little People, Big World family over two years ago, made it known to her social media followers that she didn't agree with that comment. Of course, Tori Roloff is taller than her husband Zach Roloff, 27, who suffers from dwarfism, which is the premise behind his family's long-running TLC reality TV show. Obviously unsettled by the comment, Tori Roloff shared that she doesn't "love Zach because of how he looks."

The happy family of #ZandTPartyofThree is a fan-favorite of Little People, Big World fans worldwide who, overall, called Tori's recent Instagram message about "outward appearances" both "beautiful" and "sweet." According to Tori, "love and beauty" should come from within. Tori goes on to say that she loves hubby Zach for what weighs "on his heart," adding that it doesn't matter that she happens to be taller than him.
"Honestly it gives me an excuse to never wear heels. Ever. I can't imagine my life if I had never given my husband a chance because he was shorter than me."

Tori Roloff ends her lengthy slam of the conversation that had apparently taken place between "a couple of average height," as noted by In Touch Weekly, by reminding her followers to always "love people" for their minds and not for their bodies. Fans of the Little People, Big World couple chimed in by praising Zach and Tori Roloff for being the "perfect couple." One comment agreed with Tori that there's more to a person than their height and that Zach, who's said to measure 4 feet 3 inches tall, is a "wonderful" and "caring" husband and father.

Romper wrote about Tori's Instagram post that "both her husband and infant son" have the achondroplasia form of dwarfism and that people with shorter height are oftentimes judged "unfairly." Romper goes on to note that Tori Roloff chose to upload a wedding photo with her post that pointed out the "bias" and the expectation about height that was shown by the anonymous "married couple" at Target.
"They likely had no idea that Tori heard the comment, or that she had a husband who was much shorter than her due to his dwarfism."
Critics of Tori Roloff's recent slam against the comment that she overheard between the husband and wife say that it's also "not right" for her to "judge" them. The Hollywood Gossip also shared that the "quiet" and "reserved" Tori Roloff has been a bit more outspoken "of late," but the husband and wife that she slammed on Instagram might have just been "joking around."