January 29, 2018
Josh Murray Brags About Successful Business After Alleged Abuse Scandals

Josh Murray loves his women, his pizza, and his dogs. Over the past year, the former Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise contestant had to clear his name once again after facing accusations that he was controlling, rude, and somewhat abusive in his behavior. In addition to that, he lost his beloved dog Sabel but has found love once again with an adorable little dog. While Josh was able to combat most of the horrible rumors surrounding his relationship with Amanda Stanton and Andi Dorfman by keeping quiet, it sounds like he's not keeping quiet about his business success.

According to a new tweet, Josh Murray now wants everyone to know that he's starting 2018 with massive success. In his tweet, Murray reveals that he has opened a business that focuses on training studios. He points out that he already has a location in his beloved Atlanta and he's already expanding to other locations in the country. His success has been so big that he's opening one in the Bahamas this year, too. While Josh may not be able to figure out his personal relationships with women, it sounds like he knows what he's doing in business. Perhaps it helps him to focus when he's single.

"Kicking 2018 off strong as an Owner and VP of Marketing for F45 Training Studios. Already have our Buckhead ATL location open with many more coming across the U.S. and Bahamas this year! Thanks to all you AMAZING people that speak such positivity and motivation for my life!" Josh Murray revealed on Twitter, sharing a photo of himself.

While Josh Murray may not be interested in returning to reality television to find love again, it sounds like he isn't necessarily done with dating. One can imagine that he wants to find someone who isn't interested in the public life and who won't go running to the tabloids with stories about him if they break up. His last two relationships have been rather public. Even if Amanda Stanton was warned by everyone, she still went ahead with the relationship. The two were engaged briefly, but she confirmed later that he had been controlling. Former Bachelorette contestant Andi Dorfman called him abusive in many ways and detailed their relationship in a bestselling book.

Josh Murray is currently in Atlanta and it appears that he is single. He may not be interested in participating in any Bachelor-related shows, so don't expect to see him on the upcoming Bachelor Winter Games this winter.