Godzilla Remake To Feature Two Brand New Monsters

Fans of classic movie monster Godzilla will have two new things to cheer about when the franchise reboot hits theaters in 2014. Two brand new monsters are being introduced into the Godzilla universe, adding to the monster’s rogues gallery of foes.

In the last few weeks a lot of news has been coming out of the Godzilla movie camp, from Joseph Gordon Levitt turning down a role in the movie to Frank Darabont being hired to do a re-write on the script.

The news keeps coming as CHUD now reports they were given access to a web based seminar hosted by the marketing arm of Warner Brothers that contained information regarding the upcoming release of the Godzilla reboot.

From the webinar CHUD has been able to confirm two important details about the reboot. First:

“The film will feature more than one monster, confirming that two new monsters will also be wreaking havoc – this in addition to the big green guy.”

And second:

“Warner Bros. made it clear that their interpretation of the material ‘follows the story of a solider’ and is ‘way different’ than the Toho Godzilla films.”

CHUD then claims this is not “grain of salt” news because this is information presented directing to Warner Brothers’ marketing team and whatever re-writes Frank Darabont may contribute will not be affected.

Unfortunately there is no mention of what kinds of monsters these two new beasts may be. So while we may not know what exactly Godzilla will be facing in his new adventure, we do know there will be more than one foe.

Here is a video of the director of Godzilla, Gareth Edwards, talking about his vision for the monster at Com Con 2012:


Are you excited about Godzilla facing off against two brand new monsters?