Viral Video Of McDonald’s Staff In Epic Breakdown — Drive-Thru Customer’s Video Nears 1 Million Views


This is probably not the McDonald’s you have come to know and love, which is something you may realize once you get a gander at the behind-the-scenes inner workings of this particular restaurant’s staff. These type of work behaviors are probably not something you get to see every day, whether you are pulling into a McDonald’s drive-thru for a burger or going about your workday in your own place of employment.

A woman in a blue shirt, who appears to be a McDonald’s manager, seems to try to diffuse the situation, but stirs up an epic yelling and screaming match with her staff. The video that captures this brawl has all the drama usually only seen in the movies.

According to Fox News, a man was in his car smoking a cigarette while waiting for his McDonald’s order at the drive-thru window. He couldn’t help but notice the “internal conflict” shaping up among the employees.

Early on in the video, the man is informed they are waiting on the “sausage meat” for his sandwich, which he cracks a joke about as he watches the verbal sparring match inside getting louder and louder. What comes next adds an even more comical twist to the situation. After the customer is notified that they are waiting for the sausage, the window is closed and a “Now Hiring” sign appears.

At one point the manager spots the drive-thru customer taping this event and she makes it over to the window to give him a piece of her mind. She also manages to reprimand this customer for using his cell phone camera to film the shenanigans going on inside the McDonald’s kitchen area, as seen in the video above.

McDonald's old sign
Featured image credit: Jonathan WeissShutterstock

The camera goes down for a minute, where you see the car seat but then comes right back up and focuses on the McDonald’s battle brewing. You soon see the screaming move onto physical violence when a man pushes his co-worker over in the heat of this fight. The man taking the video doesn’t give up and as he is zoned in on the woman believed to be the manager, she spots him still filming.

She then goes up to the customer and demands he leave the premises. The man said that one of the staff “threw food in his car in an attempt to make him leave,” cites Fox News.

According to Fox, police have no records of this fight and the news channel has reached out to this particular McDonald’s, but they don’t share the location in their report. Fox News also reports that they are waiting to hear back from them. It is not known what started the argument that turned physical and is now being called, “McDonald’s has a complete internal breakdown.”