Wipeout Death: Tom Sparks Dies Following Wipeout Appearance

Tom Sparks will go down as the first contestant to die following their appearance on Wipeout, after he had a stroke while competing and did exactly that.

33 year old Tom Sparks was rushed to hospital after complaining of knee pain and shortness of breath while competing on an obstacle course. Doctors at the local hospital recognized that all was not well, and transferred him to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, where multiple brain surgeries failed to save his life.

According to reports, Tom Sparks was found to be suffering from an undiagnosed case of antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, a disease that can cause blood clots (and by extension stroke and heart attacks) that ultimately contributed to his death.

To make a sad story even worse, Tom had only married two months ago and was competing on the show with his wife.