WWE News: The Undertaker Has Been Spotted In Philadelphia – Rumored To Enter ‘Royal Rumble’


On this week’s Monday Night Raw, The Undertaker delivered a rather strange promo that had many wondering if he was done or ready to return, and now, the answer may be known. On Sunday night, WWE will present the Royal Rumble and there are bound to be a lot of shocks and some surprise entrants. With the event taking place in Philadelphia, rumors have started to swirl after The Undertaker was spotted in the city.

When Taker showed up and delivered his promo on the 25th anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw, a lot of fans really didn’t know what to think. There were so many people who believed he had finally retired and called it a career in a very strange way, but that wasn’t all.

There were others on social media who believed it was The Undertaker’s way of entering the Royal Rumble without coming out and saying it. Of course, WWE wasn’t going to ever come right out and say that he was in the match, but it’s hard to imagine that he would return when his loss at WrestleMania 33 was supposedly his final one.

Well, the rumors picked up on Friday night and into Saturday morning as The Undertaker had been spotted in Philadelphia, the location of Sunday’s Royal Rumble.

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Featured image credit: WWE

PW Insider is reporting that a number of sources claim The Undertaker flew into Philadelphia on Friday night. He was also seen on Saturday, and it has started a lot of speculation on social media that he is there to enter the Royal Rumble and make his return to the ring for WWE.

The only thing is that The Undertaker wasn’t alone as he was with his wife Michelle McCool and his family.

Of course, many are going to automatically think that they are in Philadelphia for the return of The Undertake, but they could be wrong. Weeks ago, Wrestling Inc. reported that former WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool was contacted by the company about competing in the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match.

McCool was also on Raw 25 this week and made an appearance on the entrance stage with a number of other women’s legends from the past.

There are a lot of slots open for additional entrants in both the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches. On the women’s side, there are only 18 confirmed participants entered and Roman Reigns throwing his name in on Friday has made it 18 confirmed for the men’s match as well.

With 24 total spots still needing to be filled before Sunday night’s Royal Rumble, WWE is likely going to have some pretty good surprises waiting for the fans. One never quite knows who will show up at the big pay-per-view until the countdown reaches zero and their music hits. It has been confirmed that The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are in Philadelphia, but are one or both of these legends actually returning to the ring?