‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Celebs Not Playing For Charity And ‘CBB US’ Production Details

Sonja Flemming CBS

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers continue to leak in the final days counting down to the U.S. premiere of the franchise. In addition to a leaked cast list, other details from the truncated season have emerged including the eviction schedule and prize information. The 13-episode season runs 19 days from February 7-25, but this will be unlike many other celebrity versions of reality shows. Here’s a look at the latest information as Big Brother fans anticipate the official cast announcement tomorrow.

Cast List Leaked – Denials Follow

The CBB US cast list leaked early, and some on social media are implying that it’s not legit because a few of celebs denied their participation. The source, Twitter user “Julie – Big Brother Insider,” insists that her intel is solid and came from someone at the network that she says is reliable. The official lineup has yet to be announced by CBS but should be during the Grammys this Sunday night. There are several signs that this cast roster is the real deal.

First, the roster contains no names that are improbable. Second, the roster contains names of people that are not denying their casting even when asked. Third, the source of the list tweeted a reminder that the reason the houseguests deny their casting is that they are told by CBS “to do so [deny] until they set foot into the House.” She said the list is from an “anonymous reliable source” and insists it’s accurate. The leaked list is below.

Denials And Implied Confirmations

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal one HG denier is Sammi Sweetheart who tweeted that she won’t be on the show while also promoting vegan merch she endorses. Some claim Brody Jenner is impossible as a houseguest because he’s got a DJ gig at the end of January, but as CBB US starts February 7 and is live, not pre-taped, that’s not a conflict. As of now, the only name on the list with a work engagement that might interfere is Brody, but perhaps it’s another Jenner brother that was cast.

Matt Iseman, on the other hand, has seemingly confirmed he’s participating in a recent tweet from the CBS lot. Survivor alumnus Andrea Boehlke denied being a CBB houseguest, but many fans responding on Twitter think she’s joking. Terrell Owens, Tiffany Pollard, and Beth Chapman have not denied their participation. Lance Bass, the one actual celeb on the list, has also remained silent despite questions flying at him. Also, not denying their casting are Johnny Bananas and Gigi Gorgeous.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Gameplay Leaks

While some Big Brother fans won’t believe this very plausible cast list until CBS makes the official announcement on Sunday, there are some other details from production leaking about the CBB US gameplay. There will be just 10 houseguests for the celeb season. This info leaked and is confirmed by BB house photos from the redesigned CBS set that show a large square table with just 10 place settings. With a run time of nearly one-fourth the usual season length, a much smaller cast makes sense.

Other information says there will be two evictions per week but the biggest leak is that the “celebrities” are not playing for charity. Celebrity Apprentice has the contestants raising funds for their favorite charities and is a given for many celebrity game show appearances. But with Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, the HGs are reportedly playing for a $250k cash reward. It’s likely this tidy jackpot, at one-half the usual prize but for much less effort, sweetened the pot to get houseguests to sign on the dotted line.

The latest info from Reddit leaks says that the cast will be revealed in a CBB promo during the Grammys and Julie Chen is slated to be on the Stephen Colbert show the next night to discuss the cast reveal. Use this full schedule to set your DVR, so you don’t miss any Big Brother episodes and check out pics of the glam celeb CBB house. Tune into the Grammys on CBS Sunday night for the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition cast reveal, and check back here often for the latest Celebrity Big Brothers spoilers.