Katheryn Winnick Possibly Confirmed Main Character’s Survival After Tragic ‘Vikings’ Season 5 Midseason Finale

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People are still in shock with the events that took place in Vikings Season 5, Episode 10. The most recent battle between Lagertha and Ivar the Boneless left numerous casualties including Harald Finehair’s wife and brother. In addition to that, the second half of the current season is expected to feature more deaths of major characters. However, it looks like at least one of Ivar’s allies who will survive the civil war and even face the Queen of Kattegat in the future.

It’s no secret that Katheryn Winnick is excited about directing an episode in Vikings Season 6. The star of The Dark Tower has made a point of sharing updates on her directorial debut, which is expected to begin filming by the end of January. Winnick’s latest post may have confirmed that one character, who has been seen as Ivar’s next possible victim, will be back to play a more significant role after Vikings Season 5.

Katheryn Winnick recently shared a new Instagram photo from the set of the History series as she prepares for her special episode. Interestingly, the image confirms that Hvitserk and Bjorn will still be a part of Vikings Season 6. Winnick had tagged Marco Ilsø and Alexander Ludwig in the rehearsal picture, which somehow suggests that both actors will be sharing a scene with the director herself.

Hvitserk has certainly had a complicated life in the first half of Vikings Season 5. Ragnar Lothbrok’s second son with Aslaug had made a surprising decision to turn his back on Ubbe and align himself with Ivar the Boneless. Hvitserk spent most of the first 10 episodes struggling with his younger brother’s bloodthirsty ways, but he somehow managed to redeem himself in the mid-season finale. Hopefully, Marco Ilsø’s character will continue to prove that he is worth the legends that are written about him.

Marco Ilso as Hvitserk in 'Vikings' Season 5.
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It is still unclear what will happen to Hvitserk once the series returns to History. However, the teaser for Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 already hints at Ivar the Boneless coming to power and Lagertha’s reign over Kattegat finally ending. This could mean that the Norsemen will return to England rather soon.

The second half of Vikings Season 5 is expected to air on History this fall.