Nude Olympics Will Be Held On Australian Beach: Police Order Children To Wear Clothing To Foil Pedophiles

The Nude Olympics will begin on January 20, 2013 at Maslin Beach near Adelaide, Australia and police are ordering nudist parents to have their children wear bathing suit bottoms or some other clothing to combat pedophiles. South Coast Police Sgt. Malcolm Marr told reporters, “Kids should be clothed during events such as the sack race and treasure hunt to deter any untoward behavior.”

Once a popular event, the Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Olympics will be held on the nude section of the beach for the first time in five years on Sunday, January 20. The events will be strictly monitored to prevent any unauthorized picture taking, particularly photography of the children.

The Olympics in ancient Greece were also held in the nude, as appreciative spectators watched naked runners dash across the field and flex their muscles when they tossed the discus. The freedom to go without clothing soon gave way to religious puritanism that equated nudity with carnal desire and sinful behavior.

Australia’s modern Nude Olympics was a popular event, often attracting thousands of spectators to Maslin Beach to watch unclothed athletes compete in volleyball, tug of wars, foot races and other events. The Nude Olympics were held every year from 1983 until 2007, when the event lost its sponsor. Now a new sponsor has come on board and the nude Olympians are ready to give it another go.

There will be treasure hunts, sack races, frisbee throwing, three-legged races and water balloon throwing for the kids and it is hoped that everyone will have a great time despite the police concerns about potential pedophiles.

Organizer Debbie Pillar spoke to the Southern Times Messenger about the protection provided for the kids:

“We are concerned about attracting those kind of people and if there are any issues, the police will be called immediately. We will be making sure children wear bottoms before participating and hopefully we won’t have any issues. There will be people associated with the event taking photography and they will be wearing official identification. We can’t stop people from taking photos on the beach, but if we suspect anyone of doing the wrong thing the police will be notified.”

Many modern human beings enjoy the freedom of sun bathing and swimming in the nude. It is a sad and frightening reality of today’s world that we have to worry about pedophiles exploiting innocent children when they join their family in enjoying nature’s bounty. Hopefully, the revived Nude Olympics will go off without a hitch and turn out to be a tremendous success for everyone.