‘Charmed’ Star Holly Marie Combs Disses Newly Announced CW ‘Charmed’ Reboot

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What to do about Charmed has been bandied about for the last few years. Whether to make a Charmed prequel, a Charmed sequel or a Charmed reboot was in question, and now Charmed fans know that the decision is to use the Charmed premise in the modern day but to include a whole new trio of witches, and none of the original actors.

Holly Marie Combs Shares Her View On The New Charmed Reboot

Holly Marie Combs, who starred as Piper Halliwell in the original Charmed series (and also served as the executive producer on several episodes) commented this morning on Twitter that the new series may be called Charmed, but the two shows will only share a name.

“Here’s the thing. Until you ask us to rewrite it like Brad Kern did weekly don’t even think of capitalizing on our hard work. Charmed belongs to the 4 of us, our vast amount of writers, crews and predominantly the fans. FYI you will not fool them by owning a title/stamp. So bye.”

And her fans agree that just adapting the concept to three more young women and calling it Charmed doesn’t make it so.

“This upsets me to no end. I LOVE charmed. My favorite show ever! Don’t know how many times me and my husband have watched every single season over and over again. :) for them to take the name and make that into something else is disgusting to me.”

Creators Are Hoping Holly Marie Combs And Others Might Do A Guest Spot On New Charmed

Digital Spy says that CW is saying that they have now settled on a new version of Charmed and calling it a feminist reboot. They have shared this synopsis of the new Charmed in a small town setting.

“This fierce, funny, feminist reboot of the original series centers on three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches. Between vanquishing supernatural demons, tearing down the patriarchy, and maintaining familial bonds, a witch’s work is never done.”

The theory is that one or all of the original Charmed actors, including Doherty, Milano, Combs or McGowan could make appearances because it is in the modern day. But judging by Holly Marie Combs’ reaction on Twitter, it’s unliking that Piper will be dropping in with some fresh baked muffins and words of wisdom.

Holly Marie Combs And Fans Agree That Calling A Series Charmed Won’t Make Magic

The Hollywood Reporter mentioned a previous incarnation, a Charmed prequel set in 1976, which would have centered around the Halliwell sisters as children, and fans were on-board with that. Those who have fiercely followed Charmed also would have been okay with a series set in present-day which centered around the offspring of the Charmed Ones, but a new group of witches just capitalizing on the name Charmed won’t work for Holly Marie Combs and it won’t work for their vocal fans.

But this new version of Charmed, seemingly out of the blue has been sent to pilot, and time will tell if the new “feminist” Charmed can find a fan base.