Brooke Burke Shows Off Scar On ‘GMA’ [Photo]

Brooke Burke-Charvet showed off her scar this week on Good Morning America.

The Playboy model and Dancing With The Stars host recently announced that she is now cancer free after undergoing a thyroidectomy. The surgery left Burke with a scar but the model says that she’s still “one of the lucky ones.”

Burke said that her doctors noticed the cancer in its early stages and were able to prevent it from spreading.

Burke said:

“I’m one of the lucky ones … It was shocking. I never thought I would hear the word cancer in relation to myself … The message really is about preventative health because I had no symptoms. And generally, thyroid cancer is very subtle symptoms. I went for a regular physical — my early physical.”

The model had her surgery last month but the mother of four’s appearance on GMA was the first time she showed off her scar in public.

Burke said:

“No makeup. This is a first for me today … I’ve been scarf-ing it up. But you know what, it’s fresh. It’s a month old and I think scars tell a story. And I’m so fortunate.”

Here’s a photo of Brooke Burke’s scar.

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