The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Firefighter Spinoff Finally Gets A Title

It’s been months since Grey’s Anatomy fans learned that not only was the long-running medical drama getting a second spinoff, but that it had poached a fan-favorite character (Dr. Ben Warren played by Jason George) too. Since then news of a broadening Grey’s Anatomy universe dropped; however, fans have been waiting with bated breath for one crucial detail: the new series’ title.

As of January 25, the wait is over. As E! reports, the name of the soon-to-air Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, chosen by the show’s big-wigs, is…Station 19. Showrunners reportedly tossed around dozens of potential names before landing on their winning title. Given that the new series focuses on the drama and romantic story-lines of the firefighters that hang their hats at Station 19 in Seattle, just up the road a spell from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (the epicenter of Grey’s Anatomy), it appears that show creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes and her crew couldn’t have chosen a more apt title.

Sure, it wasn’t as showy as some of the names tossed around by impatient fans on social media, not to mention creative entertainment news outlets (Blaze Anatomy anyone?), but it’s a title that cuts to the heart of the up-and-coming Grey’s Anatomy firefighter drama spinoff.

In the days leading up to Thursday’s series title announcement, which (almost certainly purposely) capitalized on happening just hours before the latest new episode of Grey’s Anatomy airs, even some of the cast members of the newly named Station 19 were publicly wondering what their new show would be called. Some, but not all.

According to Station 19 star Jason George, who plays Hubby-to-the-Chief Ben Warren on Grey’s Anatomy, he didn’t mind the delay while his producers and network settled on a title for his new series. Earlier this month, George said that the gap between announcing the new series and giving it an official title was good PR, both for Grey’s Anatomy and his new gig.

“Right now everybody just refers to us as the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, which is perfect because it helps remind everybody that we live in the same universe as Grey’s Anatomy. And I’m a fan of the show, as well as having been on it, so I’m happy about that.”

And while Jason George is technically leaving Grey’s to star in a spinoff, as far as fans know, the change of career from surgeon to firefighter doesn’t have to eliminate his character from Grey’s Anatomy altogether (although stranger things have happened on the long-running show). Because his character is married to Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), the chief of surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and original Grey’s Anatomy cast member, Romper speculates that he might continue to make “special guest appearances” on the show that propelled him to Station 19.

Of course, with Grey’s Anatomy‘s signature twists and turns, Dr. Warren’s change in career could just as easily spell the end of his marriage. After all, he hasn’t broken the news to his high-power wife that he’s found himself a new job. Again.

Station19, starring Jason George, Jaina Lee Ortiz, and Grey Damon, will be joining the ABC Network TGIT lineup and the Grey’s Anatomy universe with a special two-hour premiere on March 22.