‘House Of Cards’ Season 6: Expected Release Date, Moving On From Kevin Spacey And Plot Details

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Netflix original House of Cards will end with the upcoming Season 6. The series will move on from Kevin Spacey and production was halted delaying the release date to rewrite the series without his character Frank Underwood.

In October, Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of making an unwanted sexual advance toward him when he was 14-years-old. More allegations against Spacey surfaced and Netflix cut all ties with him and removed him from Season 6 of House of Cards.

Cutting ties with Spacey contributed to Netflix $39 million write-offs in unreleased content, according to Variety magazine.

House of Cards Season 6 is yet to get an official release date. According to the Baltimore Sun, the sixth season has begun production. Therefore, the upcoming season will not premiere until late 2018 or possibly 2019.

Season 5 spoiler alert.

The fifth season ended with Frank Underwood falling from power and Claire Underwood becoming the President. Netflix chief Ted Sarandos confirmed that the material filmed with Kevin Spacey has been cut and the series will focus on Claire Underwood’s presidency.

The sixth season will feature eight episodes and Robin Wright will reprise her role as Claire Underwood. Wright’s character declared “My turn” in the final episode of the fifth season. Therefore, Spacey’s absence will be easy to write into the plot as Frank Underwood’s fall from power had already begun.

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The sixth season is yet to release a teaser trailer. Therefore, plot details and the cast is mostly speculative. There are several logical exits for Frank Underwood, which includes Doug Stamper turning on him and Frank goes to jail for Zoe Barnes murder.

Claire Underwood will likely begin her presidency by attempting to distance herself from Frank Underwood’s corruption. Leanne may survive the car crash and Jane Davis will attempt to manipulate Claire.

House of Cards brought Netflix’s original content critical acclaim and high ratings. Netflix chief stated that Season 6 will bring closure to fans of the series. In the Michael Dobbs trilogy that inspires the series, Frank Underwood dies.

The House of Cards official social media accounts have been inactive since news broke about Kevin Spacey’s sexual misconduct.