Who Got Eliminated On ‘The Amazing Race’ 2018 Tonight? Episode 4 Results


It was a two-hour episode of The Amazing Race Season 30 tonight, as viewers saw a Speed Bump and another head-to-head competition between the teams, but who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2018 tonight? Find out the Episode 4 results from tonight below in our The Amazing Race spoilers.

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 30, the teams made their way to Morocco. They started by stacking fish in a tray. From there, they had to pick up their travel partner, which happened to be the Travelocity gnome. They have to make sure to carry him throughout the race. The gnome traveled through the city on a zip line, as the players traversed through the city to find the gnome. The Detour had the teams delivering groceries or doing some bellydancing. There was a lot of action and running around on this episode, as Cedric and Shawn checked in last with Phil Keoghan. However, it was a non-elimination leg of the race and they were not sent home. They had to take on a Speed Bump tonight, as well as another head-to-head competition.

First Hour

For this hour, the teams headed to Marseille, France, and they had to ride in dinghies to get clues, which had Cedric very ticked off because he kept tipping his boat over. This came after Cedric and Shawn completed their Speed Bump, which had them stacking the dinghies. From there, they had to make shoes or baguettes and then headed out for the second head-to-head competition of the season. For the head-to-head, they played petanque. This had them throwing balls and trying to be the team closest to the jack. The closest team won and the losing team competed again.

Alex and Conor won the first head-to-head, so they won this leg of the race and each won $5,000. Lucas and Brittany lost four in a row, but they won the final head-to-head against Cedric and Shawn. They survived, but Cedric and Shawn were officially eliminated from the competition.

Second Hour

The teams drove their way to Les Baux-de-Provence for this leg of the race. To start, things went medieval, as the Road Block had them building a catapult. Then it was the Detour, which had them either searching for ribbons in a bullfighting arena or having to unlock a piece of artwork to get the clue behind it. Lucas and Brittany won this leg of the race and they won a trip to Bali. After the win, Lucas got down on one knee and proposed to Brittany and she said yes.

It came down to Trevor and Chris, who could not find the arena and were way lost, and Joey and Tim, who were the only team to attempt the artwork. This was a race to the finish, as both teams thought they were in last place. However, it was Joey and Tim to the Pit Stop last and they were eliminated tonight on The Amazing Race Season 30.

The Amazing Race 2018 airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.