‘My 600-LB Life’ Alicia Weight Loss Pictures: See If The 32-Year-Old Could Change Her Life, Drop Her Weight


My 600-LB Life featured Alicia, a 32-year-old woman desperate to turn around her dangerous weight gain and regain her life.

Now, fans are desperate to find weight-loss pictures and see if Alicia was able to leverage her weight-loss surgery into a second chance at living.

By the time she appeared on My 600-LB Life, Alicia had lost most of her hope in life. In a clip from the show, she explained that eating is the only thing she feels worth living for, and her addiction to food is destroying her relationship with boyfriend, Tim.

The situation grew even worse when Tim was able to kick his drug addiction — as shared addictions were one of the first things that brought them together — but Alicia found herself spiraling deeper and deeper into overeating.

“Tim got clean, and now I’m the one killing myself,” Alicia (via InTouch).

Tim complained that Alicia had lost all motivation in life and was now resigned to sit in front of the television and eat. The 32-year-old reached a peak of 622 pounds and has difficulty in everyday tasks like getting into her car.

Like many people who have appeared on My 600-LB Life, Alicia’s struggles with weight go back to a difficult childhood, a clip of this week’s show (via the Daily Mail) revealed. She started to put on weight at a very young age and had a chaotic childhood, with her mother working and her father an alcoholic who was often gone. There was frequent fighting in the home that often grew violent, Alicia shared.

So Alicia was raised mostly by the grandmother, who distracted Alicia with ice cream when her parents fought. That led food to become a crutch to deal with her pain, but it also created dangerous weight gain. By the time she was 7, Alicia already weighed 160 pounds.

Fans of My 600-LB Life hoping to see weight-loss pictures from Alicia will likely have to wait. Although there have been some hints in clips put out before the show aired that Alicia will undergo a chance, TLC is generally very guarded about sharing details from people featured on the show, saving any progress updates and pictures until the show itself. The network is good at sharing pictures after it has aired, and some weight-loss pictures of Alicia will likely be found on the official page for My 600-LB Life.