Cardi B Engagement: Offset Confirms Wedding Is On Hold Following Cheating Scandal

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Cardi B is not moving forward with her wedding plans, with her fiance, Offset, having confirmed that they aren’t in the mindset to be focusing their attention on that right now.

Last month, Cardi B was rocked with the news that her man had allegedly stepped out on their relationship on multiple occasions, with one woman even claiming that she was pregnant with his child.

While Offset has denied accusations regarding the potentiality of having a love child on the way, he did admit to cheating on the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker with a female companion while he was touring in South Africa last year.

The Bronx superstar found it in herself to forgive the Migos hitmaker but from the look of things, though they had announced their engagement one month prior to the scandal coming to light, Cardi B and Offset are not focused on getting married anytime soon.

“We ain’t, we ain’t planning it right now,” Offset tells Rolling Stone, Hollywood Life reports, as his group covers the magazine’s latest issue.

When asked what he made of the cheating scandal and how it affected his relationship with Cardi B, the rapper responded by saying, “It ain’t no gig. It ain’t no f**king game, you know what I’m saying? It ain’t no game. It’s my life.”

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While his answer is rather vague to the situation, the 26-year-old acknowledges his mistakes and is committed to staying on the right path, for he’s previously said that the “Bariter Cardi” star is the love of his life.

With the couple having almost lasted for two years, fans believe that Cardi doesn’t want to throw the relationship away just yet — she knows Offset has good intentions, but with that said, she also won’t tolerate a cheating fiance.

During a concert earlier this month, the 25-year-old noted to the crowd that if Offset tried to cheat on her again, he will lose her in an instant, making it known that she has given him a chance, but there won’t be another.

In other Cardi B news, the female rapper is expected to release her debut album before March, with Atlantic Records — her record label — trying to capitalize off the success the “Finesse” hitmaker has had over the past nine months.