Melania, Donald Trump Celebrated Wedding Anniversary Low-Key, But Failed On Social Media

Kevin Dietsch-PoolGetty Images

Current U.S. President Donald Trump has been married to Slovenian-American Melania Knauss since 2005, with whom he shares one child – Barron William, born March 2006. January 22, 2018, marked the presidential couple’s 13th wedding anniversary and people expected them to greet each other on social media. Apparently, one can well imagine how big the celebration would be given the fact that they are one of the biggest personalities in the United States and in the world. Howbeit, the couple failed to do so and fans speculate that divorce is looming after the president’s alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Marriage is something that a pair should celebrate as it’s a union between two souls – may it be a wealthy or poverty-stricken couple. Melania & Donald Trump are both at the height of their fame obviously because they currently lead the country. People expect them to share any special occasions they may have such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries. The couple is known for being on Twitter, which is why everyone was looking forward to their sweet greetings when their marriage turned 13-years-old on Monday.

Unfortunately, none of them did the honor. Donald Trump posted some tweets, but there were no wedding anniversary greetings for Melania. This makes some people wonder why the couple never brought this special occasion on social media. On the plus side, others suggest that the couple must have celebrated their anniversary discreetly as there were no sightings of them around Washington, D.C.

President Donald Trump instead, tweeted, criticizing the Democrats on Capitol Hill about the pact for reopening the government following its terse shutdown. One of his tweets also mentioned Brad Blakeman of Fox News and thanked him for grading his first year of the presidency with an “A.” The rest of his tweets were about the slamming of the Democrats. There was no wedding anniversary greeting for Melania.

As for the First Lady, she didn’t post a tweet about her 13th wedding anniversary with Donald Trump either. The most recent tweet she posted was on January 22 with her photo during the president’s inauguration a year ago. Apparently, none of them greeted each other, prompting a lot of fans that divorce might be looming in the wake of the president’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels.

The Washington Post reports that Melania & Donald Trump were not seen in Washington, D.C., either celebrating their wedding anniversary although they are not spotted dining in the location that often.