Nick Jonas Is Teaming Up With John Varvatos For A New Menswear Collection, Will Be The Face Of The Brand

While Nick Jonas might be known for his music, his sense of style is often commented on as well. Whether he is wearing double-breasted suits, tight jeans with a casual jacket, button-down shirts and white jeans, or any other assortment of fashionable outfits, the singer has proven that he will not only keep people guessing but that he also knows what looks good. In his latest move, Jonas has teamed up with the legendary men’s fashion designer, John Varvatos, for a brand new menswear collection.

Although this is the first time that Nick Jonas will be collaborating on a menswear collection, this is not his first foray into the world of fashion. In fact, as GQ pointed out, just last year, the singer worked with Creative Recreation, a sneaker company on a six-piece collection of footwear. However, while this may not be the first time that Jonas has worked with a fashion brand, this is the first time that John Varvatos will include a name on his label other than his own since he first started his company.

As Variety reported, the John Varvatos and Nick Jonas collection will be a “limited-edition capsule collection” that will also see the singer act as the face of the brand. Among the designs being included in the collection are leather jackets, sunglasses, and even knit pieces. One of the inspirations for the collection is Varvatos’ time spent in Detroit during the early years of his life.

While this is the first time that John Varvatos will be teaming up with someone for a collection, it should not come as any surprise to fans of his clothes that he is teaming up with someone like Nick Jonas. The designer is known to look to music legends, particularly those in the rock ‘n’ roll genre, for inspiration when it comes to his fashion.

On January 22, Nick Jonas tweeted out a picture of himself with John Varvatos’ name over the image. Under the designer’s name, the tagline reads, “rock is dead. Long live rock.” In the tweet itself, the singer shared that his collection with Varvatos was here and that he “couldn’t be more excited to collaborate” with the other man. He also said that together, they were able to create a menswear collection that he is “incredibly proud” to show everyone. Then in a follow-up tweet, Nick Jonas also shared an image which showed off the apparent eyewear collection from the duo.

With both men bringing their fashion aesthetics to the collection, it seems that the Nick Jonas and John Varvatos’ collaboration will have a little something for everyone. Whether it is the eyewear, the jackets, or the hoodies, there seem to be touches of both men’s design sense in each of the pieces.