Josiah Duggar And Lauren Swanson Officially Announce Their Courtship

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Rumors have been circulating for a couple of weeks that Josiah Duggar and a girl named Lauren Swanson were courting one another, and the pair have finally made it official. This is Josiah’s second courtship, after dating family friend Marjorie Jackson for four months.

For the Duggar family, courtships are a little bit more serious than dating, as adult children date someone with the intent to marry them in the future. Most of the Duggar family’s courtships have lasted less than six months before they became engaged. Marriage typically follows soon after. Josiah Duggar is the first member of the family to have broken off a courtship, that the media is aware of.

Rumors started circulating when Josiah Duggar took Lauren Swanson with the mega-clan to Australia and New Zealand with his parents and all of his unmarried siblings. The pair signed a card with “Josiah and Lauren,” which started the rumblings of courtship.

Josiah Duggar told People Magazine that he appreciates Lauren’s “Christlike” character, and reveals that the pair has known each other for several years, as their families have been friends. He also divulged that he thinks Lauren brings “light to every room” and that she always looks for someone who looks sad or lonely to share encouraging words and scripture with.


The Duggar son also stated that he looked forward to sharing this next “exciting” chapter with his family and friends.

There are rumors that the Duggar children are not allowed to create social media accounts until they start courting. Josiah Duggar created an Instagram account when he and Marjorie started courting and has updated it infrequently, but some wonder if this is a violation of Duggar rules. Of course, starting an Instagram isn’t obligatory, as Joe Duggar, who recently married his girlfriend, Kendra Duggar, still hasn’t joined Instagram.

Josiah Duggar has not as of yet updated his account with photos of himself and Lauren, but they will likely follow soon enough as their courtship unfolds.

If things go well, Josiah Duggar might be the first Duggar family member to tie the knot in 2018. With how quickly Duggar kids take things, it is also possible he will announce that he will be a father before 2019.