Donald Trump Is Really 'Bald,' 'Can't Even Read A Balance Sheet,' Claims 'Fire And Fury' Author Michael Wolff

Perry Carpenter

Michael Wolff isn't done bashing President Donald Trump just yet. The author of the controversial book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House called Trump stupid and bald during an interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. What else with Wolff say about Trump's presidency?

"I think everyone in the White House would agree that Trump is someone who should not be President," Wolff told Noah. "I am not saying... anything controversial: The President of the United States is surrounded by people who believe he should not have his job."

It isn't clear who Wolff is talking about, but he did reveal some info about one of Trump's senior advisors named Hope Hicks, who also worked closely with Trump's former manager Steve Bannon.

In his book, Wolff made some pretty damning comments about Trump's marriage with First Lady Melania Trump. Wolff claims that Melania and Trump are not close and that she didn't support his campaign for the presidency. Trump and Melania have both denied the allegations in Wolff's book and say that he fabricated the whole thing.

While Wolff's book could attract unwanted attention from Trump, the author isn't worried about any repercussions. Instead, he firmly stands behind his sources and believes that Donald Trump and America will eventually accept his book as truth.