Turpin Family, Who Chained 13 Children, Have Something In Common With The Duggars Aside From Religion

Frederic J. BrownAP Images

David and Louise Turpin have been arrested and held on a $9 million bail after police discovered that they had reportedly starved and chained 13 of their own children. According to diaries kept by the children, they were only able to access the shower once or twice per year and were given food one time per day. The children were also often denied access to the bathroom, which caused them to use the bathroom on the floor.

It was recently revealed, as reported by the Inquisitr, that the family was eyeing a spot on reality TV and were allegedly inspired by Kate Gosselin and Kate Plus Eight. Many speculate that the pair were also inspired by the Duggar clan.

Although it has not been confirmed, it is rumored that the Turpin family were also part of the same “cult” the Duggars follow, the Quiverfull movement. In this sect of Christianity, couples have as many children as they are able to and abstain from using birth control, allowing God to decide the number of children they will have.

As reported by Radar Online, the pair also has one more thing in common with the Duggar family: they named all of their children “J” names. Famously, all 19 of the Duggar children and Jim Bob have given their children names after their father.


It is unclear what inspired the “J” name trend amongst the Turpin family, as neither parent’s name starts with a “J.” The family was not likely inspired by the famous television brood, as their oldest child was reportedly 29-years-old when discovered amongst the battered children. This is the same age as the eldest member of the Duggar clan, the disgraced son, Josh. The Duggars also did not start appearing on television regularly until 2008, after a couple of specials about Michelle and Jim Bob appeared on television about their extra large family.

The connection between the two with the “J” names appears to be a coincidence. Thus far, none of the children’s names have been released to the public.

The Duggar family also homeschool their children, as previously reported by Inquisitr. The Turpin family also registered their home as a “school” with father David as principal. However, it is likely that he was not doing an effective job, as it was reported that some of his children had no idea what a police officer or doctor was.