WWE News: Nia Jax Attacked Male Superstar During Championship Match


During a recent WWE live event, women’s superstar Nia Jax went into attack mode against one of the men’s stars in the ring. Jax, who is a fun recent addition to the Total Divas reality series on E!, also showed just how impressive she is in terms of strength and power. The imposing women’s superstar gave everyone an idea of what lengths she might go to in order to help out her current crush in retaining his championship. Here are the latest details on what went down as Nia helped out Enzo Amore in his title defense at WWE’s event a night ago.

The WWE held its first-ever 205 Live exclusive event in Lowell, Massachusetts, the other night. As reported by WWF Old School, Nia Jax was the special guest referee during Enzo Amore’s defense of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander. During the match, things got a bit heated as Cedric tried to land a kick on Enzo. However, the Cruiserweight champion avoided the move and it caught Nia Jax in the head instead. Nia fell to the mat and recovered in the ring corner, as Alexander hit a finishing move and had a clear pinfall on Enzo. The crowd even counted up to 10 showing that he was the clear winner, but with Nia down, there was no referee to count it.

wwe news nia jax attacked male superstar at live event
Nia Jax has a 'crush' that has been playing out on 'Raw' involving Cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore.Featured image credit: WWE

That would lead to Alexander getting into a “discussion” with Jax about not counting the pinfall. Things took a turn as a fan’s YouTube video shows when Jax picked up Cedric Alexander on her shoulders. A Samoan backdrop was next on the menu for the challenger, as Nia dropped back with him crashing to the mat. Moments later, she dragged Enzo across Alexander and gave a quick three-count for the win. That made sure the Cruiserweight title stayed with Enzo.

Based on the recent involvement by Nia in the men’s match, it would not be surprising to see this happen more often on WWE Raw or at pay-per-views as she continues her “crush” angle with Enzo. It’s also not outside the realm of possibility for Nia to make some interesting history this year. Could she be the first female wrestler to enter both the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches, on the same night?


With the possibility that other former stars will enter the women’s match, such as Beth Phoenix and Kharma, she wouldn’t be the first to compete in both matches, unless, of course, her entry number was before theirs. Still, the stage has been set for Nia to continue showing she’s one of the most powerful competitors in WWE.

Either way, one thing seems clear: the Cruiserweight division needs to be on full alert, as Nia may be ready to act on behalf of her crush Enzo Amore.