‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Rocks LuLaRoe, Turns Dress Into Pantsuit

Ethan Miller Getty Images

Meri Brown of Sister Wives has been selling LuLaRoe clothing for a while now. She is very focused on this business venture, and last night on the show, she made sure to show off her outfit she made from a dress. Meri never admitted that this new fashion was LuLaRoe, but fans of the company knew exactly what she was wearing. She did talk about her new clothing business, but without saying the company name.

Meri Brown needed an outfit that looked like the 70s. These are hard to find unless you go out and buy a Halloween costume. Instead of doing that, Meri decided to make one on her own. She took a dress that you could tell was from LuLaRoe. They have some crazy patterns that people love to wear. Meri cut the dress and sewed it together. This made it look like a pantsuit and was the perfect outfit for their dance. Meri showed that you can make your own outfit if you just think outside of the box, which is sometimes hard to do. She looked great dancing around in this outfit. Meri now has other people thinking about the fashion choices they can make and if they can turn their dresses into a pantsuit as well.

If you pay attention, Meri Brown is constantly wearing LuLaRoe fashion and posting about it on social media. She has turned this into a business. It does keep her away from home sometimes, but she is able to make money on her own, which is great. The way the business works is that she gets clothing and then sells it. She does shows in person and online Facebook live sales all the time. This family has a lot of various businesses and this is just one of them. Meri has made it obvious she is into fashion.


Meri Brown has her own Facebook group for her business and is posting on her Instagram all the time about it. Maybe she will show off some more of her fashion choices on Sister Wives. Maddie Brown Brush is also involved in the business and wears their outfits from time to time.