David And Louise Turpin ‘House Of Horror’ Case: Shocking Details In CA Couple’s Past And Future Plans Unveiled

David and Louise Turpin’s case has taken an interesting twist as authorities are now under the impression that the children they held captive for years may not all be their flesh and blood, and that they may need to send cadaver dogs to sniff out other victims in California’s “House of Horror.”

After the Turpin’s arrest, things have started to turn into a movie-like plot as surprising updates have emerged suggesting that there may be more about David and Louise than prosecutors initially believed.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Louise’s half-brother and younger sister, Billy Lambert and Teresa Robinette, revealed that the 57-year-old California man kidnapped his high school sweetheart in Princeton, West Virginia, and she later became his wife in a secret wedding.

Apparently, then-23-year-old David got then-16-year-old Louise’s 10th grade teachers to sign her off and brought her across the country in a 1,000-mile trip through Texas before the police found them.

Both Teresa and Billy do not wish to see the David and Louise Turpin outside prison walls ever again as they condemn their acts, especially since children are involved.

“I hope they suffer as much, if not more, than those kids suffered,” Teresa said during the joint interview.

“I have four siblings now instead of five. She is off my family tree, she is dead to me. I couldn’t care less about speaking to Louise ever again.”

Meanwhile, Billy explained that their feelings toward David and Louise Turpin are “not just spur-of-the-moment anger.”

Now, the couple, who are faced with multiple counts of torture, abuse, and false imprisonment after 13 kids were rescued from their filthy Perris, California, home, are in for more trouble after pleading not guilty for the crimes, as authorities believed that there may be something more behind the story.

In the Daily Mail report, it was further revealed that David and Louise Turpin wanted to profit from having a big family by landing a deal for a reality TV show. Citing Billy Lambert, the outlet revealed that the couple were “inspired” by Kate Gosselin’s show, Kate Plus 8, in hatching their plan to gain money and fame from their brood.

He even revealed how the pair reportedly planned to have a 14th child days before they were arrested.

“Only last month Louise told me her and David were planning to have another child. It is abhorrent what has emerged. I hope they never taste freedom again. The pair are animals,” Billy said.

Moreover, authorities may deem it necessary for the 13 children to undergo DNA testing to determine if they are actually related, and send cadaver-sniffing dogs to see if there are more victims hidden in the “House of Horror,” Crime Watch Daily reported.

Citing unnamed sources, the outlet revealed that authorities are planning to send cadaver dogs “to every known residence of the Turpin family” to see if there are other victims who did not survive the torture and inhuman living conditions David and Louise provided for the other 13 victims.

The sheriff’s department is also pondering on making the children rescued from the “House of Horror” undergo DNA testing to see if all of them are David and Louise Turpin’s offspring, based on the report.

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