Trump’s ‘Face Flashed’ In Strip Club Act As Stormy Daniels Oils Her Chest On Stage

Bill HaberAP Images

An alleged affair with Donald Trump is credited for packing a strip joint featuring Stormy Daniels on Saturday night, the woman who was said to be Trump’s partner in that rumored affair saturating the headlines lately.

Stormy appeared at the Trophy Club in Greenville, South Carolina, Saturday night, according to the Chicago Tribune. The club, which typically sees 100 to 150 people on a Saturday night, more than doubled its regular attendance at some point during the night. A previous article from the Inquisitr described Stormy’s tour, which is named “Make America Horny Again.”

According to BuzzFeed, some patrons weren’t thrilled with the $20 cover charge on Saturday night, which is significantly higher than a traditional weekend cover charge at the Trophy Club.

So what did her performance at the club look like? According to the Chicago Tribune, for one of her sets Stormy Daniels spread a fleece blanket out on stage, and once it was in place, she dropped to her knees on that blanket. She then arched her back and spread lotion all over her chest at “the sound of ‘Animal’ by Def Leppard, as the president’s face flashed on video screens behind her.”

Tribune basically described Stormy as the “alleged ex-mistress of Donald Trump.” They summed up how she spent the night in a strip club, located between an airport and a cemetery, as “smashing people’s faces into her bare chest.”

The “Make America Horny Again” tour is too close to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan to be taken as a coincidence by anyone, as it is actually a play on Trump’s slogan, reports the Tribune. The club did it up in a way that resembled a political campaign with red, white and blue balloons floating above each of the club’s “sticky tables.”

The owner of the Trophy Club, whose name is Jay Levy, explained that he is a grandfather and his only reason for doing this was money. He offered transparency to the reporters by saying,

“I’m an old grandfather, and I seized an opportunity. I’m a liberal. I’m a big-time liberal…. I’m not here for the scandal. I’m here to make money off the biggest name in adult entertainment this week. Next week it’s liable to be someone else.”

Stormy was seen in between performances taking “topless photos with oglers in a corner of the smoky club.” The enthusiasm in the room was described as “low.” The things that normally go on in a strip club needed some coaxing by the emcees of the evening to get underway. According to the Chicago Tribune,


“Emcees had to impugn patrons’ masculinity to goad them to the stage so that Daniels could flip them onto their backs and lower herself onto their noses.”

The night wasn’t without the serious reporters hanging around just in case Stormy was going to say a few words about her alleged affair with Trump. These reporters were from several of the major news outlets and they patiently waited as if “she might vault onstage, rip off her corset and – instead of clutching a pole with her pelvis – launch a news conference,” suggests the Tribune.

The night was all about what Stormy had to offer visually; those reporters from the major news outlets didn’t get what they came there for. Stormy was silent on her recent headline-making alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Daniels is taking her show on the road next month, according to marketer Chris Roberson. Roberson’s clients include the Deja Vu and the Hustler chain of strip clubs. She is scheduled to appear in Oklahoma City next month and then onto Nashville and Shreveport, Louisiana, sometime after her Oklahoma City show.