Donald Trump ‘Doesn’t Respect Women,’ Thinks They’re ‘All About A Miss America Contest,’ Says Governor Cuomo

Hans PenninkAP Images

A year after his inauguration, Donald Trump is facing dismal approval numbers, a Russian collusion investigation, a divided nation and Congress, a complete federal government shutdown, and, on Saturday, the first anniversary of the Woman’s March. As the POTUS, who cancelled his planned weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago to tackle the government shutdown (Trump has, according to Newsweek already spent 122 days, or one-third of his presidency, visiting his own Trump commercial properties), continues to use Twitter to blame Democrats for the now non-functional federal government and to largely ignore the hundreds of thousands of women and others who marched against his name in over 250 cities today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spent part of his Saturday ripping the president.

Speaking to anti-Trump protesters at the New York City Women’s March, the Democratic governor wasted no time putting Donald Trump on blast. According to Cuomo, the president “simply does not respect women,” and his attitude is taking the country “back,” not “forward.”

“We have a line back and we have a line forward. The line back is where the federal government wants to take us and where they are taking us. The line back is very clear: you have a president of the United States who simply does not respect women.”

Governor Cuomo went on to take a stab at Donald Trump’s checkered beauty pageant past, reports The Hill, claiming that to the president, women are “all about a Miss America contest.”

“To this president, women are all about a Miss America contest. That’s what it’s all about.”

Cuomo’s “Miss America contest” jab may be a reference to a previous comment Donald Trump made about “walking in” on naked and partially naked female teens and women participating in the Miss USA pageant while the pageant was under his ownership. As the Washington Post reported, Trump made the disturbing comment describing his ability to “get away with” such behavior during an April 11, 2005, airing of The Howard Stern Show.

“I’ll go backstage before a show, and everyone’s getting dressed and ready and everything else. And you know, no men are anywhere. And I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant. And therefore I’m inspecting it…You know they’re standing there with no clothes. And you see these incredible-looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that.”

In addition to taking aim at Donald Trump and his perceived disrespect of women in general, Andrew Cuomo, whose name has been tossed around as a possible 2020 presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, also had a few words to say about the Republican-controlled Congress. According to the famously liberal governor, many of the policies that Trump’s Congress has aimed to implement directly target the rights of American women.

Cuomo also took to Twitter to call out the failure of the Republican-controlled Congress and White House to handle the most basic requirement of their job — to keep the federal government operational.

According to Governor Cuomo, the current Republican-controlled Congress is blatantly targeting laws that protect the social equality of women, such as abortion legislation, insurance coverage of contraception, equal pay, and even anti-discrimination and sexual harassment protection. In fact, Cuomo noted in his speech that all of these protections for women have been deliberately rolled back by the Trump administration.

“It’s then coupled with a Congress that is an extreme, conservative, socially conservative Congress that is rolling back all the progress that we’ve made. Roe v. Wade — rolled back. Contraceptive care — rolled back. Equal pay rights — rolled back. Anti-discrimination laws — rolled back. Sexual harassment on campus policies — rolled back.”

The New York Times reports that over 120,000 protesters are believed to have joined the Women’s March in New York City alone, only a small fraction of whom were able to witness Governor Andrew Cuomo’s scathing words against Donald Trump. The White House has not responded to requests for comments about the day’s widespread anti-Trump sentiment, nor has the president addressed Cuomo’s Saturday morning speech.