WWE News: Alberto El Patron Apologizes To Triple H, Blames Paige For Problems, Would Like To Return To WWE

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Over the last year-and-a-half, there has been a lot of bad blood between a former world champion and WWE, but it now appears as if it was all a big mistake. Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio) has publicly said some harsh things toward Triple H and his former employer, which has led to a lot of burned bridges. Well, it now seems as if all of the problems that El Patron had with WWE were because of Paige and he’s actually open to a return.

After Alberto El Patron left WWE, it seemed as if the bridges were burned for good and that the two were never going to work together again. On many occasions, he made some extremely negative comments toward the promotion and Triple H, which were anything but subtle.

While they may not have been subtle, the former Alberto Del Rio now knows he made some mistakes.

Medio Tiempo recently interviewed the current Impact Wrestling star and he was asked about his social media posts, which came down hard on Triple H. It seems as if El Patron is trying to bury the hatchet and make things right.

“As you know, I am a man who knows when he was wrong. In fact, I was in contact with them. Like WWE, when they admitted their mistake the first time I left, I also admit my mistake.”

Taking things a step beyond admitting he was wrong, El Patron had something to say directly to Triple H as well.

wwe news return blame paige problems sorry triple h alberto el patron del rio
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Continuing on, Alberto El Patron said that he went as far as to apologize directly to Triple H for the way he spoke to him on social media. It was then that he also blamed current WWE star Paige for his way of thinking about his former company.

“I personally apologized to Triple H for the issues we had when I was in a bad relationship with my ex-partner. She and her entire family made me believe that they affected our relationship. She made me believe that the videos [Paige and Maddox] and all that was happening outside to her was perpetrated by Triple H and the company. At the time I believed her, because she was my partner. I defended her by heart and sword, then things were different. Later I realized how wrong I was to place my trust in that person. I deeply regret my words and apologized to Triple H, his wife and WWE. They understood me.”

It seems that Alberto and WWE have squashed their problems and decided to forget about things that have been said in the past. El Patron puts all of the blame on Paige and now that they have split up, he’s willing to admit that the things he said were wrong.


According to Sportskeeda, El Patron’s contract with Impact Wrestling is set to expire in the spring of this year and he has previously stated that he would work with them through 2019 and then retire. Well, it also appears as if he has changed his mind on that as well.

wwe news return blame paige problems sorry triple h alberto el patron del rio
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When asked if he would ever return to WWE if the chance came about, he didn’t even pause when telling Medio Tiempo that he would most definitely head back, but when?

“Of course I would go back if the opportunity arises. I would not go back full-time, but I would transition to a special appearance wrestler. Before I put down my wrestling boots for good it will surely happen. Surely before I retire, I will do something special with [WWE]. However I do not see it happening in 2018, but in 2019 before leaving the United States. I’m definitely going to do something special with them. I consider myself to be on good terms with WWE right now on my side, we will one day shake hands and everything will be fine. Time heals all wounds.”

Alberto El Patron/Del Rio has made his way around the world and been a part of some of the biggest wrestling organizations in the world. He is currently a member of the Impact Wrestling roster but he may not be for much longer. According to Alberto, all of the bad blood between he and WWE/Triple H stemmed from his relationship with Paige, and now that it is over, things have calmed down and a return is not out of the question.