Nicole Kidman Expecting Third Miracle Baby At 50, New Report Suggests

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Nicole Kidman has made no secret of her ongoing struggles to conceive over the years, and has shared how incredible it was for her to have learned she was pregnant naturally at the age of 41. The beauty, who was married to Tom Cruise for a decade, was unable to conceive throughout their marriage, so the former couple adopted two children, Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise.

Now married to country star Keith Urban, the couple share two adorable daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Sunday was conceived naturally, while Faith was born by way of a surrogate, but a new rumor suggests that Nicole Kidman is trying for yet another little miracle with her husband of over a decade. New Idea claims that the 50-year-old and her country crooner are ready and trying for a third child and are hoping for a baby boy this time around. However, other rumors suggest that things are even further along.

Speculation has even arisen that Kidman might actually be pregnant after the Oscar winner was spotted at the Golden Globes this month touching her belly tenderly, perhaps signalling that another one might already be on the way. At the event that followed the awards show, a source even notes that Nicole was turning away all alcohol.

New Idea relays the words of the said insider regarding Kidman’s behavior at the event while celebrating with her Big Little Lies cast-mates.

“When the whole Big Little Lies crew were celebrating their win at the Golden Globes, there was champagne flowing freely – so it was very notable that Nicole was turning away all alcohol. She would accept a glass but it stayed full all night and no-one saw her take a sip. But what we did see was her touching her belly quite a bit – at one point, Keith even leaned over and touched her stomach lovingly. They were definitely acting like a expectant couple.”

Despite Kidman’s age, the talent has been open about noting that she has yet to give up on her dream for more children. The star spoke with the Daily Mail earlier and admitted that she still has the “faintest hope that something might happen” to her this year regarding conception.


As noted, Nicole Kidman has indicated how much she loves being a mother and reiterated that her girls are a miracle, as the Daily Mail reminds.

“You go through heartbreak again and again and then you start to tell yourself it might never happen. I honestly never believed I would actually give birth to a child, then at 41 I became a mother.”

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The publication also debunks claims about a potential adoption by the star couple, but there has been neither confirmation nor dismissal of the most recent reports about Kidman and Urban’s plans to conceive or whether they are already expecting.