Justin Bieber: His Plans To Win Over Selena Gomez’s Mother Amid Family Feud Over Reunion

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Justin Bieber wants to show Selena Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey, that he’s a changed man following reports she was rushed to a hospital last month over the stress of knowing her daughter has reconciled with the former bad boy, it’s been reported.

The “Purpose” hitmaker has definitely noticed how strained Selena’s relationship has been with her family members, particularly with her mother, who has made it known that she’s not happy about the singer’s decision to get back with Justin Bieber.

Mandy partially blames Justin for Selena’s downfall in the past, which has led her to check into rehab on multiple occasions.

Teefey can’t comprehend why Gomez would put herself in a situation that could potentially see her get hurt again, and if that ends up being the case, Mandy doesn’t want to hear anything about it.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Justin Bieber is actively trying out ways to show Selena’s mother that he’s grown up and changed his ways, and by the look of things, the “Sorry” hitmaker has it all figured out.

Justin recently enjoyed a vacation with his mother, Patti Mallette, and while the trip with his parent is genuine, he’s not shied away from posting photos of himself with his mother on social media, hoping that Mandy will see that family is the most important thing to Bieber right now.

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Having already dedicated the last couple of months to his religion, getting back on good terms with his mother and the rest of his own family has been something Justin needed to work on for some time.

The act of displaying his fun-filled vacation with Patti would show to Mandy that Justin Bieber is not acting wild with friends anymore; he’s choosing the quiet life around the people he loves the most, with the hopes that Gomez’s mother will see just that.

Justin Bieber isn’t expecting Mandy to forgive him for his past actions, but he does hope that she will accept the fact that the singer doesn’t plan on leaving Selena anytime soon.

The duo is already said to be hunting for their first home together in Calabasas and Hidden Hills, according to previous reports.