Ascent Solar Technologies Brings EnerPlex Portable Solar Power To CES 2013

Ascent Solar Technologies kicked off CES 2013 by showcasing the Enerplex Kickr IV, as well as other products that showcase the company’s ability to take solar panel technology and place it in an easy-to-carry format for personal use.

Along with the company’s Kickr IV, their iPhone 4 and 4s solar case also made an appearance, showing a great way to charge your phone without ever plugging it into a wall.

The company’s EnerPlex Kickr IV has a lightweight and durable design and can easily fit in your backpack or purse for portable power wherever you may be — provided that place has sunshine. The panels can easily be placed on a vehicle’s dashboard, an open space in the sun on a backpacking trip, or even on the sand at a beach.

The Kickr IV can be dropped and withstand rain, though it cannot be fully submerged in water. The device sends out energy through a USB port, meaning that it can charge virtually any tablet, smartphone, or other device with a USB cable. Ascent’s President & CEO Victor Lee stated of the product:

“The EnerPlex Kickr IV brings to consumers the ability to transform the way they charge and use electronics in their everyday lives. EnerPlex Kickr IV users no longer need to be on lookout for the nearest outlet, or plan their day around a phone’s battery life.”

The panels have the ability to charge a device at the same speed as a wall outlet, making it a fantastic way to travel without worrying about losing power on your device, provided you travel in an area frequented by the sun. The technology has certainly piqued our interest, since it can save money in the long-term. The only downside appears to be if you live in an area that doesn’t have frequent sunshine.

The EnerPlex Kicker IV can be purchased for $129.99, while the company’s iPhone 4 and 4S case retails for $69.99.