‘Modern Family’ Star Sofia Vergara Sports Pink Thong In Instagram Video To Hype Underwear Subscriptions

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is enthusiastic about the new trend in subscription fashion services, and the actress chose an unusual way of showing her pride in her own contribution to that fad. Sporting a hot pink thong over a pair of skinny jeans, Sofia danced around for a video that she posted on her company’s Instagram platform. The Modern Family actress made it clear that she wasn’t embarrassed by her method of hyping her underwear subscription service, reported People.

“Sofia Vergara has no shame when it comes to promoting her underwear subscription service EBY.”

In addition to her brightly colored thong and skinny jeans, Vergara chose a hot pink blouse. The off-the-shoulder shirt was the ideal match for her thong. Sofia succeeded in adding a sales pitch for the value of her fashion line.

“GET A FREE PAIR OF EBYS ON US!” Vergara wrote in the caption for her video. “Seeing double has never looked so good. Try out our monthly box now and we’ll throw in an extra panty. #pantyrich @sofiavergara.”

Sofia’s enthusiasm for her new subscription fashion line has not ended her acting career. Instead, she is launching her new underwear service at the same time as she continues her success story as an actress for projects such as Modern Family.

Sofia Vergara Launches “Empowered By You” Underwear Service

Sofia’s subscription service EBY stands for “Empowered By You.” The Modern Family star is a co-founder of the company, which she launched in September. Vergara designed the fashion line to simplify shopping for women’s underwear, according to the publication.

“[Sofia Vergara’s subscription service] makes underwear shopping easy for women by sending customers three pairs of panties every three months.”

In addition to making a profit from her underwear subscription service, Sofia hopes to help other women. Vergara and the Seven Bar Foundation teamed up for her company, directing 10 percent of net sales to the nonprofit. The foundation focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs by providing micro-financing for their companies.

"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara promises that women who subscribe to her underwear service won't suffer from muffin top.

Sofia revealed that she devoted some time to finding a different type of project that would bring together her “artistic” personality with her “business side.” Vergara found what she had been seeking in the underwear, which she said is unique from other brands.

Sofia Vergara’s Underwear Service Promises No Muffin Tops Or “Bad” Shapes

Sofia’s fashion line offers a rainbow of colors, styles, and sizes, ranging from size XS to size 4X. Vergara shared what she feels makes her brand so unique.

“This underwear [is] different from any other underwear. It sticks to your skin so it doesn’t roll or give you a muffin top or a bad shape.”

Proud that 10 percent of the net proceeds are donated to other women, Sofia shared her enthusiasm by giving samples to everyone around her. When Vergara visited talk show host Stephen Colbert’s show, he became one of the lucky underwear recipients.

Sofia’s website for her underwear subscription service showcases a variety of styles. In addition to the hot pink thong that Vergara wore for her Instagram dance video, Sofia sells briefs, bikinis, string models, and what is called “full coverage.”

Vergara promotes a four-step process for those who want to sign up for her underwear subscription service. After creating an account, buyers take a style quiz as part of the first step. The second step to joining Sofia’s service involves choosing the type of box. After completing the third step of selecting a color palette for the underwear, customers sit back and wait for the fourth step of receiving the customized box in the mail.